14 November, 2012    Contributed by: FERNCONSULT   e-mail:  fernconsulting@gmail.com

In our journey towards taking our organization towards its peak, we need more than just raw talent. For this we can look towards lesson from scaling and conquering some of the highest mountains in the world. The lessons from reaching the summits can be apply directly in managing our organisation in our quest towards unlocking our organisation’s fullest potential.

In today’s ever changing workplace, breakthrough thinking, problem solving and innovation are essential for sustainable growth. Here are 7 ways you can apply the acronym of SUMMITS in your journey towards achieving the breakthrough at your organization:

1.) Stamina: your level of energy to sustain the competition and the uncertainty market forces in the external environment. Are you creating a corporate culture that emphasise on fitness and health among your key staff.

2) United: your team must stay united and develop that unity and cohesiveness in delivering your goals and projects. A united organisation can achieve far greater things.

3.) Mindset: your mindset is equally as important as your body in sustaining that passion and resilient to never give up when the going gets tough. In the course of moving towards the summit only a strong mindset can convince our physical body to take the pain and adapt to change.  Start to think like a champion today.

4.) Momentum: make sure you the champion and key driver which start on a project gets a huge momentum and kept it going like the driving force of a moving locomotive. This takes continuous positive action activities and much practices.

5.) Innovation: encourage innovative problem solving style to your organisation. For instance the generation Y are highly innovative in communicating their thoughts via social media.

6.) Teamwork: adopt a team approach where everyone achieves more. For instance the mountain climber can only summit tallest peak with the help of their guides and porters who risked their lives to help fixed the ropes and carry their equipment.

7.) Skill: are you committed to master certain new skills to create your sustainable competitive advantage. Master the skills of transforming your key people whether in leadership or communication skills to achieve greater results.

To quote from Andrew Grove, Chairman of Intel – “There is at least one point in the history of any company when you have to change dramatically to rise to the next performance level”.    In conclusion, develop the courage to overcome your organisation’s SUMMITS in your quest towards becoming a better Malaysian company and a strong global player.


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