By Vijayakumar Tangarasan

Are you a messy desk person? If getting through the layers of post-it notes, files and print-outs on your desk would require an archaeological dig, using the principles of feng shui could really help. You might not go as far as the Hong Kong architects who build ‘dragon holes’ to help positive energies flow through their buildings, but this ancient Chinese philosophy contains practical advice that can really help optimise your workflow. Here’s how to make sure your office space has good “feng shui,” check if you can follow this checklist of items:

1) Clear the clutter away

It is good feng shui and it is easier to work in a cleaner, more organised space. You will be able to find your documents quickly and will leave you with a sense of discipline. Make sure you also clear the clutter on your computer. It is like clearing it in the real world – making sure your hard drive isn’t hard to navigate makes working more efficient.

2) Put a plant in the top left corner

This is the Wealth section of your desk, so putting a plant there encourages your wealth to grow. Plants also respire and this helps oxygenate the air in your office, bringing more oxygen into the atmosphere and helping better blood flow.

3) Use the front-middle part for your computer

Filling the Career section of your desk with a computer will boost your business success. Clip articles that inspire and motivate you and look up occasionally to remind yourself of how far you have come.

4) Keep your home office far away from your bedroom

It is bad energy to work near where you sleep, since you are supposed to keep a good distance between your personal and business life. Having that physical distance allows you to establish a healthy boundary between you and your work.

5) Ensure good air flow

Air quality is very important in feng shui. Keeping a constant supply of fresh air is supposed to keep good energy flowing through your office.

These may seem like simple tips that anyone can do, but you will be surprised by how little attention people pay to their surroundings. Paying more attention to the place where you spend more than eight hours at every day can have incremental changes for your mood and overall well-being in the office.


Vijayakumar Tangarasan is the Country Manager at Regus Malaysia


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