Michael Lai, CEO OF Malaysian operator Packet One is delivering the opening day keynote on Day One of the inaugural TD-LTE summit, taking place on the 23rd-24th April 2013 at the Fairmont Singapore Hotel, Singapore. Ahead of the show we speak to him about the challenges the company faces during its on-going transition from WiMAX to LTE.

Packet One Networks (P1), led by the irrepressible Michael Lai, has been one of the star players in the Malaysia region for data, coming from a standing start in 2009 to delivering a service that covers 55 per cent of the Malaysian population, with a subscriber base of over 500,000 customers.

However, as with all data focused operators that looked to capture market share in the previous decade, the technology it is based on is WiMAX. Clearly, the global trend is for operators to move away from WiMAX towards LTE, and P1 is no different. Indeed, it has been eagerly waiting for its opportunity to offer LTE to its customers and to take advantage of the growing LTE eco-system.

That moment came in early December 2012, when it was finally awarded the spectrum it needed. Speaking to Telecoms.com, CEO Michael Lai told his delight at being able to start its LTE journey and said that P1 plans to use it to launch a TD-LTE service in the second half of 2013. “Back in December 2012, we were awarded 20MHz of 2.6GHz spectrum, for which we are truly excited and we are very glad that our regulator has finally given us the go ahead to roll out TD-LTE.”

Read more: http://www.telecoms.com/73851/ceo-p1-networks-malaysia-%E2%80%9Conce-speed-is-there-more-innovation-will-come/


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