In Southeast Asia more than 50,000 children are born with heart defects each year. However less than 5,000 of these children will have the opportunity to undergo the required heart surgery. Some of these children live in poverty-stricken areas and cannot afford to seek medical treatment whilst others live in cities that do not have adequate medical equipment or expertise.

These children and their families face years of uncertainty. Many die before a chance at treatment comes along; some become disabled; and others have to wait even longer.

In 2003, Nu Skin’s Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund was created to help save these children’s lives. Funding comes from contributions from Nu Skin’s distributor sales force in the Southeast Asia Region. Nu Skin distributors voluntarily contribute 1% of their monthly sales commission to this fund.

To date, Nu Skin’s Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund has aided and benefitted over 5,100 children who suffer from congenital heart disease and require medical treatment. In 2012, Nu Skin’s Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund granted more than US$500,000 of funds − 95% of which were used to save the lives of over 400 children across the region. This year, it will intensify efforts to grant an estimated US$1 million for operations, as well as to provide advance equipment in the field of congenital heart diseases for children.

“Nu Skin’s mission statement to be a Force for Good, resonates as we work with our distributors, help our little heroes battle congenital heart disease and give them a second chance at life. Nu Skin is committed to save a life a day,” said Ms Jasmine Yang, Nu Skin Enterprises’ Regional Vice President of Marketing, Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Currently in Singapore, a total of 704 distributors have committed to pledge 1% of their commission towards Nu Skin’s Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund. These contributions will go a long way towards saving the lives of children with congenital heart ailments.

Nu Skin’s Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund recently won the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award (AREA) 2013 Southeast Asia, organised by Enterprise Asia on 29 June 2013. The fund picked up the award in the Health Promotion Category, for the programmes and activities that help save children’s lives throughout Southeast Asia.


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