Ninja Van Malaysia, a tech-enabled express logistics company providing hassle-free delivery solutions across Southeast Asia, rolls out a Public Relations-as-a-Service (PRaaS) package for businesses shipping with Ninja Van in Malaysia.

A first in the market, the company said in a statement that PRaaS adds to the delivery company’s suite of value-added services to supercharge their shippers’ business growth.

Public relations (PR) is a key tool to help shippers create brand recognition, build credibility, and manage brand reputation, thereby achieving Ninja Van Malaysia shippers’ business goals. When surveying Ninja Van’s shippers across Southeast Asia, 44% expressed interest to explore what PR can do for their businesses. 

PRaaS is available on Ninja Rewards, a loyalty programme where shippers can earn points to redeem attractive rewards and exclusive services. Silver, Gold, and Platinum tier shippers are eligible to redeem various PRaaS services, including media release development, influencer management, and event support.

“In a world where businesses are constantly vying for attention, finding ways to make your e-commerce business stand out is crucial,” says Winston Seow, Chief Marketing Officer, Ninja Van Group. “Being there from the start of e-commerce gave Ninja Van a front-row seat to Southeast Asia’s e-commerce evolution, and we use this unique position to support our shippers beyond logistics.

“Understanding their needs has helped us roll out value-added services that will plug the gaps they face, and PRaaS is one such service. With the launch of PRaaS in Malaysia, we can now provide local shippers with the PR support that they need to stand out from the crowd.”

PRaaS joins the existing suite of value-added services that Ninja Van rolled out in SEA to supercharge shippers’ growth beyond logistics. 

Ninja Van has also introduced Logistics+. It is a suite of supply chain management solutions for SMEs in Southeast Asia that helps them navigate the complex and ever-changing network of manufacturing and financial service providers. Around 30,000 SMEs in Southeast Asia are now benefiting from Logistics+.


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