Nielsen Malaysia has announced a collaboration with Reddoor Asia Sdn Bhd,, aimed at capturing the critical SME market. is a proprietary platform – powered by Nielsen, and it is expected to be available in Malaysia at the end of 1Q23.  This solution will provide real-time data outputs and help SME advertisers make informed, data-driven decisions for their advertising campaigns from the confines of their offices or homes.

Sivanathan Krishnan, chairman Of Trapper Media Group and CEO of Reddoor Asia Sdn Bhd said, “ is Reddoor’s initiative in building recognition for the critical role that SMEs play in Asia’s growth economies, and this will also be developed in other countries later including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar and Australia. Malaysia would importantly, set the benchmark for the roll-out to the region. has been designed as a bridging platform where media buying can be done directly between SME advertisers and media owners, be it offline or online.  The platform also aims at addressing the overall misconception in the industry, that digital properties are the only way to advertise a company’s brands or services.

Nielsen Consumer & Media View (CMV) provides insights for better understanding of media consumption habits, product and service usage of the general population, as well as consumer attitudes. Marketeers and media planners habitually use this data to help them define highly specific audience segments to evaluate and assess valuable and actionable insights. is built by Glueck Tech, Reddoor’s technology partner. Using adwork will help SMEs create impactful marketing plans that target their specific market segments and target audiences with a holistic 360 customer view. Nielsen’s data will be mapped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enabled Graph Analytics. With such technology, will be able to serve thousands of their users seamlessly enabling a highly responsive and enviable customer experience.

Glueck’s graph databases and AI infrastructure is well-structured to provide relational information between entities, providing rich information and convenient data accessibility. Together this trio of industry giants will be embarking on a journey that will forever transform the media buying landscape.

Yee Chong Moon, Nielsen Malaysia & Singapore Managing Director said “In the new data-driven transactional brand economy, we believe that consumer insights and intuitive research-enabled information will be key to empowering advertisers to make risk-averse decisions in the future. Our collaboration with Reddoor Asia – is a strategic step forward in that direction.”

Sivanathan added: “I believe that data is critical in helping make informed decisions based on critical consumers-based research and information as to where clients and advertisers should really spend their advertising dollars irrespective of whether it’s RM5,000, RM50,000 or RM1m to reach out to your target audiences.

“Our commitment to this collaboration with Nielsen was steeped in the belief that data should be made available to all SME advertisers. That every advertiser out there deserves to make “informed decisions” based on independent data sets.

“Our first push will be to launch, powered by Nielsen, for the Malaysian market and have it operational by the end of first quarter 2023. Our overall mission is to provide SMEs with critical data and insights across all media platforms on a regional front.”


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