In this age of lightweight digital cameras, one particular kind of image has soared in popularity, particularly among the fashionably young and trendy: the self-portrait, which has evolved into a kind of folk art for the digital age.

CASIO, taking its cue from the demands of today’s young generation, has just released two new EXILIM digital cameras – EX-TR15 and EX-TR10 – equipped with Skin Brightening Mode and Make-up Mode for even more beautiful photos of people and designed for taking self-portraits as a whole new shooting experience.

“People who did not consider themselves photography buffs are now filling ever-larger hard drives with thousands of images of themselves, their friends and family, and their lives – and posting them on multiple social media sites,” says Yap Fui Fui, Marketing Manager of Marco Heritage, the exclusive distributors of CASIO EXILIM cameras in Malaysia.

The cameras are equipped with a 270-degree rotating display ideal for taking self-portraits in various angles. It also comes with a self-portrait shutter button on the frame, which makes it simple to press while holding the camera frame with one hand. Both models display photos vividly with 920,000 pixels displays.

The EX-TR15 comes with an additional feature, the Wireless LAN, enabling users to control the camera using a smartphone (as a remote controller) for remote shooting. In addition, photos can be transferred to smartphone immediately after shooting and then shared via social media platforms.

“To some extent, technology is driving the craze for self-portraits,” believes Yap. “Taking self-portraits may be an extension of behaviour among the young, like experimenting with different identities, which earlier generations might have expressed through clothing and hairstyles. This is a free forum for them to express their self-worth.”

The cameras also come loaded with Decorative Functions – paint, stamps, and frames – to enhance self-portraits. Other features include Self Timer, Touch Shutter, 21 mm wide-angle lens, Motion Shutter, Premium Auto Pro, High Speed Shooting, Sparkling Shots, and Art Shots.

“Creativity in taking self-portraits has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years,” Yap reckons. “Today, young people have perfected the art of self-portraits with such techniques as lighting, composition, and camera angles that were once the province of professionals.”

EX-TR15 comes in black, white and vivid pink and EX-TR10 comes in white, blue, and special pink. The EX-TR15 retails for RM2,599, while the EX-TR10 retails for RM2,099.


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