Exabytes Malaysia (http://www.exabytes.com.my) has announced a sharp reduction in the first year registration fees of .net domain to encourage businesses and individuals to own a .net domain. The 10-day only Mid Year Sale will allow individuals or businesses of various types and sizes to register their .net domains at RM5.99 each for the first year, and RM29 for two years. .Net domains, one of the fastest growing TLD domains are owned by over 14 million entrepreneurs including numerous dynamic and influential players nowadays. Normal price for .net domain registration is RM55 per annum.

Currently serving over 65,000 clients in over 121 countries, Exabytes has 11 years of solid experience in server management and web hosting. Its CEO Chan Kee Siak is adamant that increasing a business’ online presence can help to increase business competitiveness tremendously.

“The Internet population has reached two billion as of today. If offline businesses can tap into this huge number of potential customers, their revenues and overall competitiveness can be greatly enhanced. The younger generation especially, prefers to browse the products and services online before making a purchase,” CEO Chan was quoted as saying. He then added that with Exabytes .Net Domain Mid Year Sale, entering into the online business world would cost less than three dollars.

According to Mr. Chan, the benefits of expanding a business online can be summarized as:

  • Global business reach – unlimited business growth
  • 24×7 business – no time constraints
  • Low start-up cost
  • Low operating cost – no retail sales personnel, monthly rent, utility expenses are needed
  • Lower advertising costs online – online advertisements are much cheaper compared to offline advertisements
  • Provide the most competitive price – since plenty of costs and time are saved, it gives business owners the price edge over their competitors
  • Enhance company image

domains are sold off whichever comes first. There is however, no limitation on purchase – each customer is entitled to purchase as many .net domains as he wishes. For details on the sale and registrations of domains, visit: http://www.exabytes.com.my/services/domain/


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