Media Prima Berhad, a public-listed media company in Malaysia has had its systems locked out by a ransomware attack.

It has been reported that “the whole Media Prima group’s computer systems have been breached and infected with a ransomware over the last four days.” The report did not state the type of ransomware involved.

Media Prima has reportedly said that they will not pay the ransom, claiming that ‘only’ their email systems were affected, and they have already since migrated to Google’s GSuite  which runs independent of their local machines.

However, like almost all ransomware attacks in the past, once compromised, the entire system is encrypted and locked out until the ransom is paid. The biggest loss, from a ransomware attack is usually data and files stored on the individual computers. Rarely does a ransomware attack lead to a data breach.

The attack underscores the importance of having a robust backup plan in place, as well as the fact that no target is too big or important for such cyberattacks. SMEs should have a disaster recovery plan should the worst happen.