Malaysia Building Society Berhad (MBSB) today introduced two of its latest personal financing products, “MBSB Max-I 2” and “MBSB Premium Plus”. The event also saw the launch of its new “Jutawan MBSB” contest.

Speaking during the ceremony, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking of MBSB, Azman Aziz said, “MBSB constantly strives to create new products that are more interesting, innovative and competitive that meet the needs and lifestyles of our diverse customers.”

Senior VP of Retail Banking of MBSB, Azman Aziz delivers his welcoming remarks


He added that the two new products offer a variety of unique features including guaranteed 100 per cent cash in hand, low fixed monthly payments with funding up to RM400,000 and repayment periods of up to 25 years, amongst various other beneficial features.

Launching of new PF-i products


MBSB also launched the “Jutawan MBSB” contest in appreciation of its customers. The contest presents an opportunity for MBSB customers to become millionaires. Customers stand to win quarterly prizes which include two BMW 320i sedan cars, Fixed Deposit Certificates worth RM50,000 and international and domestic vacation packages. The grand prize is a Fixed Deposit Certificate worth RM1 million at the final quarter.

Azman Aziz said, “MBSB personal financing products have received an overwhelming response since they were first introduced in 2009. Our personal financing products are not only incorporated with elements of affordable financing but they are of a high value with low repayments. Apart from the strategic business plan, this achievement is also supported by the implementation of marketing and sales activities through the MBSB agent channel that has helped extend the sales of MBSB financial products to government employees, government-linked companies and selected companies and corporate bodies.”

There are 49 MBSB agencies that act as its business network. 70 per cent of the growth in MBSB sales of personal financing products are contributed by MBSB agents across the country.

The origins of Malaysia Building Society Berhad (MBSB) can be traced back to the Federal and Colonial Building Society Limited incorporated in 1950. As a financial provider, MBSB offers a spectrum of innovative financial products and services for both individuals and corporates throughout its branches nationwide.


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