The Mastercard Experience Center (MEC) in Singapore has been revamped to showcase the company’s latest payment technologies. The new exhibits and demos focus on three key trends: reimagining money, intelligent experiences, and sustainable futures.

Reimagining Money

The definition of money is expanding to include non-traditional assets such as data, cryptocurrencies, and digital goods. The MEC’s Universal Value Exchange demo shows how Mastercard is supporting the creation and exchange of value across multiple payment mediums.

Intelligent Experiences

Consumer journeys are being transformed as physical and digital environments converge. The MEC’s Mixed Reality Commerce exhibit demonstrates the potential of an enhanced digital ticket experience using virtual reality and augmented reality technology.

Sustainable Futures

Societal and environmental changes are having a significant impact on how companies are valued by their stakeholders. The MEC’s Circular Economy display illustrates the possibilities of continuous product traceability to encourage reuse and recycling.

The Mastercard Experience Center as a Portal to the Future

“The Mastercard Experience Center is designed as a portal to the future,” said Sandeep Malhotra, executive vice president, products & innovation, Asia Pacific, Mastercard. “By guiding visitors through the future economy, Mastercard aims to bring abstract concepts to life, to inspire purposeful innovation and co-creation of the technologies of tomorrow.”

The MEC as an Innovation Hub

The MEC in Singapore also serves as an innovation hub and R&D lab for Mastercard. It is a place where the company can conduct customer workshops, executive roundtables, and employee events. The MEC also helps Mastercard to identify consumer insights, needs, and trends, which inform the company’s product development roadmaps.

Innovation Circuits

Mastercard is also supporting customers in their innovation journeys through Innovation Circuits. These workshops explore exponential technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence to showcase next-gen consumer experiences. The half-day sessions help teams to identify essential building blocks that will power their success in the future economy.

The Mastercard Experience Center in Singapore is a glimpse into the future of payments. It is a place where Mastercard is bringing abstract concepts to life and inspiring purposeful innovation. The MEC is also a place where Mastercard is helping customers to identify the essential building blocks that will power their success in the future economy.


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