Recognizing the growing opportunity and need to help digitize business-to-business (B2B) transactions, Mastercard today announced its partnership with Eko-Pay to introduce Eko-B2B, a new best-in-class digital payment solution for businesses in Asia Pacific.

Eko-B2B will provide businesses with an automated payment solution that enables them to streamline workflows and improve productivity for B2B payment transactions. Powered by Eko-Pay, a technology company with proprietary solutions for financial and non-financial transactions, Eko-B2B seamlessly integrates with the Mastercard inControl platform to facilitate business payments, reducing inefficiencies and improving transparency.

The Eko-B2B solution brings greater transparency and efficiencies to all parties in the B2B payment process.  Vendor and supplier web portals will enable round-the-clock access to current and historical payment details and dashboards that track key business performance statistics, eliminating the need for manual payment systems and their associated complications and operational inefficiencies.

“Eko-Pay is very pleased to partner with Mastercard on this solution that bridges a critical gap in the B2B payment environment,” said Jean-Pierre Gagnon, Chief Executive Officer of Eko-Pay.  “The entire platform was designed with simplicity in mind to allow for rapid adoption through local and international business networks and provide a long tail acceptance enablement solution.”

The Eko-B2B solution is now available in Asia Pacific, interested businesses should reach out to Mastercard or Eko-Pay.


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