Malaysia’s total trade for June 2017 increased by 7% to RM136.26
billion, up from RM127.38 billion recorded in June 2016. Expansion was supported
mainly by trade with China, India, Japan, the European Union (EU), ASEAN, the
United States of America (USA), Taiwan and the Republic of Korea (ROK).
Exports in June 2017 posted a stronger year-on-year growth than imports for
the second straight month. Exports expanded by 10% to RM73.07 billion while
imports grew by 3.7% to RM63.19 billion. June’s trade surplus of RM9.88 billion
marked the 236th consecutive month of trade surplus since November 1997 and the highest value of trade surplus since April 2016.

Total trade in second quarter (Q2) 2017 amounted to RM428.66 billion, an expansion of 19.9% from Q2 2016. Total exports in the quarter reached RM226.36 billion, 20.6% higher from the same period last year and imports increased by 19.1% to RM202.31 billion. A trade surplus of RM24.05 billion was recorded for Q2 2017 compared to RM17.86 billion registered in Q2 2016.

Compared with Q1 2017, exports increased by 0.7% while total trade and imports
contracted marginally by 0.4% and 1.7%, respectively. In the first half (H1) of 2017, Malaysia’s total trade rose by 22% to RM859.17 billion from RM704 billion recorded in H1 2016. During the period, exports increased by 21% to RM451.05 billion and imports expanded by 23.3% to RM408.12 billion. A trade surplus of RM42.93 billion was recorded for H1 2017 compared to RM41.79 billion in
H1 2016.

Exports of manufactured goods for June 2017 grew by 7.4% to RM59.63 billion and
contributed 81.6% to Malaysia’s total exports. This was boosted by higher exports of electrical and electronic (E&E) products, iron and steel products, rubber products as well as transport equipment.

Trade with ASEAN grew by 2.6% to reach a value of RM36.29 billion and accounted
for 26.6% of Malaysia’s total trade in June 2017. Exports expanded by 1.9% to
RM20.36 billion while imports rose by 3.6% to RM15.93 billion. The increase in
exports were attributed to higher exports of E&E products, transport equipment,
machinery, equipment and parts as well as rubber products.

Among the major markets within ASEAN, export increases were recorded to
Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Exports to Singapore rose by RM893
million, contributed largely by higher exports of E&E products. Exports to Thailand
increased by RM92.2 million and exports to the Philippines expanded by RM201.9
million, both owing to higher exports of petroleum products.

Source: MITI


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