On Focus Sectors and Budgets:

In Malaysia, the Financial Services Industry (‘FSI’)will remain the most targeted sector for IT Security threats. But in 2016, we see an increase in threats targeting government agencies, mainly motivated by an increasingly diversified political situation.

Despite of the general slowdown in corporate spending, we predict a quantum leap in IT Security spending quantum thanks to the growing of awareness of cyber-attacks and the huge damages caused.

Since IT Security usually only represents a small portion of the entire IT or corporate spending, any increase in spending does not have much impact on the company’s general business performance. In fact the Malaysian organisation boosts the confidence of their customers and partners by committing to a more secure IT strategy.

On Strategy to Adopt:

In 2016, the most important emphasis for Malaysian companies in the area of IT security is ‘Know Thyself’ – meaning start by understanding the maturity level of the organisation’s IT security, before moving forward to decide what to strengthen or ignore.

Many local organisations today are being influenced by various brands and vendors who sell the promise that the adoption of certain technologies equals a strong, impenetrable defence system for the company’s data assets. Many organisations have spent millions of ringgit and yet continue to be highly vulnerable to all sorts IT Threats. So for 2016, prioritise  on having a visibility of your current IT activities, the most valuable company assets and how ‘exposed’ are these; then use this information to form the basis of the organisation’s IT Security strategy and spending.

On Technology Trends:

In 2016, Big Data will be deployed at a higher degree in this critical area of enterprise cyber-defence. It will allow for organisations to process unstructured data (from various sources) for more visibility and analytics for in IT Security strategies – primarily to  predict more accurately for possible attacks or data leakages. 

Sysarmy is a leading Malaysian IT Security company that specialises in building and Security Operation Centers – ‘SOC’s, and also represents many international, MNC  IT security brands in Malaysia)


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