Malaysian glove makers have received an urgent request from China for more medical gloves following the outbreak of the coronavirus which started in Wuhan, China. The President of the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA), Denis Low said the industry would do its utmost best to ensure an adequate supply of medical gloves to the world are met. “In particular, China is now requesting for more urgent shipments and we believe our members have already obliged and are ramping up production to meet the request from China, ” he said.

Low said following reports about the cases reported in other countries, there was a heightened cautiousness and healthcare officials are demanding for sufficient medicines and protective devices such as medical gloves to be made available in order to counter the coronavirus spread.

“Margma believes that demand for gloves will inevitably shoot up (increase further) and has urged its members to give priority to those affected areas and countries. As a responsible industry player, we will do our part to ensure adequate gloves reaches the affected people and territories, ” he added.


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