Maybank is diversifying its offerings on precious metals with the inclusion of its latest product, ‘Maybank Investment Silver Account’. It is the first Bank in Malaysia to offer silver investment passbook account which allows deposits and withdrawals in silver at a daily price in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) at any of its branches nationwide without the hassle of keeping the physical silver.

Mr. Lim Hong Tat, Deputy President & Head, Community Financial Services said that investing in silver is appealing since it is highly valued for jewelers and industrial practices. In addition to that, silver will always be valuable regardless of the economic climate. The returns on customer’s investment are dependent in the silver price fluctuations and the transactions would be recorded in the customer’s passbook for easy record and maintenance.

The minimum investment for the ‘Maybank Investment Silver Account’ is 20 grams. The subsequent minimum purchase or sale is 10 grams with an addition amount in 1 gram denomination. Customers however must have a minimum balance of 5 grams in the account to keep the account active.

For more information on the ‘Maybank Investment Silver Account’ customers can visit any Maybank Corporate Affairs for inquiry or email to


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