The Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) and the Association of Islamic Banking and Financial Institutions Malaysia (AIBIM) have jointly launched their renewed #JanganKenaScam awareness campaign.

This national initiative highlights the banking industry’s dedication to combating financial scams, aiming to strengthen efforts in preventing fraudulent activities and promote a unified message against scams.

To curb the rise of financial scams, the campaign will be amplified through a nationwide #JanganKenaScam Fest held in urban and suburban areas. The fest will feature experiential booths and informative exhibitions designed to equip Malaysians with practical knowledge, enabling them to identify scam tactics and safeguard themselves and their families.

“Public awareness remains our strongest defense against scams. Educating the public is an ongoing effort. I commend the private sector for its industry-wide anti-scam strategies,” said Datuk Abdul Rasheed Ghaffour, governor, Bank Negara Malaysia, stressing the significance of public education in the fight against scams.

Earlier this year, the banking industry implemented crucial security measures, including the transition away from SMS One-Time-Password (OTP), stricter fraud detection rules, and dedicated fraud hotlines for customers. A survey conducted by Rakuten Insights revealed that while 90% of customers read scam alerts, only 60% felt prepared to combat financial scams.

The #JanganKenaScam campaign emphasizes the importance of understanding scam tactics. The initiative includes an anti-scam resource center at, offering resources to help the public recognize manipulation techniques used by scammers.

Notable Malaysian celebrity and entrepreneur Hairul Azreen has been appointed the official brand ambassador for the #JanganKenaScam campaign. His role involves advocating public awareness against scams and participating in the #JanganKenaScam Fest, connecting effectively with Malaysians of all ages through his strong social media presence.

The public can experience the #JanganKenaScam Fest at various locations nationwide, starting at the Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia (MSAM) in Bertam, Penang until 8 October 2023 and at 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya from 15 to 19 November 2023.


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