RCR arrived in Vietnam in 2010 with the aim of helping both local and foreign owned companies to raise the standard of Facilities Management in  manufacturing, commercial and retail buildings, hospitals, education centers and many other industry sectors. 

The main goal of RCR is the management, maintenance and operations of  a company’s buildings, utilities, and assets. We manage the Mechanical,  Electrical, Plumbing and Fire equipment/processes so that our clients can  focus on their primary function, be it to producing high-end medical equipment, or to run a Grade A+ commercial buildings in the Central Business  District.

RCR Vietnam employs just under 100 engineers from within Vietnam, from its site managers with a combined 85 years’ experience, or the graduates it employs from University and continue to train and bring into the RCR family. The organization places a strong focus on personal and professional development of its staff, including soft skills training, specialized equipment training,  and leadership training.

In 2020 75 percent of RCR’s clients reduced their energy consumption through  RCR’s execution of engineering solutions, technological implementations and system and process overhauls. The company’s expert team of engineers worked  closely with production teams at each client site to ensure that all changes  had zero impact of production output, whilst bringing real dollar savings  to the company, and reducing their carbon footprint.

RCR Vietnam continues to work with like-minded partners to offer its clients solutions to their  energy needs, be it Voltage Optimization, Electricity Loss (and recovery)  or improvements to Waste Water treatment and processes – the company is constantly evolving the services and products that it offers to its clients – they are continually improving – a Kaizen philosophy that is replicated through out everything they do.

At the start of 2020 the world was faced with an unprecedented situation in Covid-19. Many of RCR’s clients asked for financial assistance (temporary discounts etc.) and help, and whilst RCR Vietnam was by no means resistant to the financial hardship, the Senior Leadership Group made the  decision to use the opportunity not to strain its client relationships, but  instead to make them stronger. RCR worked closely with its clients to build a financial package that worked for them, whilst at the same time forging a  commercial partnership based on longevity and mutual benefit. The organization signed 3 new contract extensions in 2020, whilst ensuring that none of its employees received a reduction in salary. 

2021 promises to be a great year for RCR Vietnam – and the awarding of the SME100 prize is testament to that. 2020 has been a long year, with many challenges – however, the company has fought them, and they have come to the end of the year stronger, more together and more determined. The organization’s plans in 2021 are to continue to grow with new clients, new markets and  new products – whilst at the same time continuing to focus on Energy  sustainability and industry best practices.


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