The Chrome Web Store is now in Malaysia. Created as an open marketplace that gives users an easy place to browse, discover and purchase the best apps on the web, and it gives developers a dedicated place to showcase their web applications.

Now, with ratings, reviews and a user-friendly interface, the Chrome Web Store gives users an easy place to discover and purchase these web apps.

There are Apps for news and current affairs, for travel booking and information, for technology news and views in Malay, and personal finance needs
Of course, there’s Angry Birds and Battle Stations too, as well the popular file storage app Box photo editing tools like Pixlr and the Google Docs suite.

You can also find in the Chrome Web Store lots of extensions and themes to help you customize your web browsing experience.

To try these new apps, as well as tens of thousands of items in the store, download Google Chrome at and visit the Chrome Web Store at


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