Perfection made affordable by automated drafting

Local men’s shirt bar Marcella has made a dream come true: an affordable quality shirt that’s truly yours, and yours only. For the first time ever, premium made-to-measure shirts are available at a price that’s easy on the pocket, and with a refreshing shopping experience to boot.

Marcella’s proprietary technology not only makes it possible for customers to customize their shirts at a lower cost than ever before, it also removes human inconsistencies and errors. By vertically integrating the supply chain to further lower costs, Marcella has made quality an accessible luxury.

It’s all in the technology

How does Marcella craft customized shirts of such quality at unbeatable prices? The answer lies in its infusion of technology into every aspect of the business.

To start with, Marcella has developed an unique software which abolishes the need for skilled manual drafting (the drawing of paper patterns in preparation of creating your garment). Marcella’s proprietary CAD systems automatically translate each customer’s measurements into shirt patterns through in-built algorithms. This makes it possible for drafting to be done completely by computers, thus achieving the twin benefits of cost reduction and 100 percent precision.

Customers’ measurements are transmitted through Marcella’s system and fed directly to laser cutters at the manufacturing end. The result: shirt components that are cut with precision down to the millimetre, ready to be stitched together. Marcella is the first in Singapore, and possibly the whole world, to recast the business model of traditional tailors in this way.

In addition, Marcella has achieved complete vertical integration. From automated drafting and its own manufacturing facilities in Singapore and China, to technology development, retail sales and customer service, Marcella maintains strict control over each step, ensuring the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost.

A refreshing and complete shopping experience

Marcella’s attention to detail extends to its retail end. Marcella runs six boutiques in key shopping malls island-wide, all of which are tastefully designed to enhance a shopping experience that is refreshingly different from what you get at a traditional tailor.

Upon entering a Marcella boutique, customers are introduced to their custom proposition through a simple 4-step process. After having their physical measurements taken, customers get their personal Fit Profiles, which are vectorized and stored on Marcella’s servers.

Marcella offers a vast selection of more than 125 fabrics in various styles. Suits and pants complete the range. Customers can view 3D renders of their would-be Marcella shirt so they know exactly how it will look. To cater to walk-by shoppers, Marcella’s boutiques stock a full range of off-the-rack apparel to supplement its custom selection.

Once customers have created a Fit Profile, they can easily order new shirts online for a hassle-free purchase. New customers who prefer to shop in the comfort of home can also create their Fit Profiles by providing their measurements online.

Prices range from $59 to $79 for basic shirts, and $89 to $109 for premium options. In approximately 14 days, customers get their made-to-measure shirts. Online shoppers enjoy free global shipping.

In response to customers’ requests, Marcella has also started a new alteration service for pants. Customers can enjoy a fit which rivals fully-customized pants, but at a lower cost and price.


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