One billion people come to YouTube every month to access news, information, and entertainment. To make it easier for Malaysians to connect with their favourite channels and discover new content during one of the most important times of the year, YouTube for the first time is partnering with Malaysian content creators to launch a Ramadan Channel this year.

Presented and sponsored by Nestle, the channel is a destination for Malaysians to enjoy their favourite seasonal content and discover new videos. Local content creators and providers such as Animonsta Studios, Astro — with it’s Prima, Gempak, Oasis and Ceria channels; Homegrown Productions; Trymasak and Suria Records have made available their local content which will can be both useful and entertaining to Malaysians during this Ramadan and Eid season.

The wide range of videos is now available at

The five participating partners are contributing content through eight YouTube channels ranging from entertainment, cooking, animation, music and drama with a total of 280 unique videos that altogether make up over 130 hours of content for Malaysians.

“Millions of Malaysians come to YouTube via multiple screens every month to access news, information and entertainment. It’s great that this year for the first time we’re working with a partner like Nestle to curate a special channel for Ramadan and Raya so that Malaysians can more easily access the relevant seasonal content they can enjoy with family and friends,” said Sajith Sivanandan, Country Manager of Google Malaysia.

YouTube Malaysia was launched over a year ago in March 2012, followed by the YouTube Partner Program last December to help Malaysian creators monetise their content.

“We hope that the YouTube Ramadan channel will become a great showcase of quality local content that reflects the beauty and diversity of Malaysia during the month of Ramadan,” added Sajith.

From Psy, to the Olympics, to the Harlem Shake, YouTube is a stage for growing trends in content and culture today — content creators can deliver great content and connect directly with passionate fans around the clock.


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