LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, predicts a significant shift in the skills required for jobs globally, estimating a 65% change by 2030 due to the rapid advancements in AI technology.

The Global Talent Trends Report by LinkedIn reveals that job postings related to AI and Generative AI have more than doubled (2.2 times) worldwide in the last two years. Professionals in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia (84%), Singapore (97%), India (98%), Indonesia (99%), Philippines (97%), Malaysia (96%), and Japan (75%), are enthusiastic about incorporating AI into their work routines.

To adapt to these impending changes, business leaders are entrusting HR and recruitment teams with a more strategic role. Nine out of ten talent professionals state that their roles have become increasingly strategic, particularly in talent acquisition (Australia: 88%, India: 92%, Southeast Asia: 95%).

AI is expected to play a crucial role in relieving HR teams from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic human aspects of their roles. The majority (80%) of HR professionals globally believe AI will be a tool that helps them in the next five years, enabling them to focus on the more strategic, human aspects of their roles – such as strengthening relationships with candidates and colleagues and creative and strategic work.

According to Feon Ang, vice president of LinkedIn Talent Solutions and managing director for Asia-Pacific, AI is revolutionising the world of work, allowing professionals across various fields to focus on meaningful, people-centric tasks.

As businesses navigate this changing landscape, HR professionals will play a central role in ensuring organisations have the necessary talent and skills to thrive, with AI serving as a valuable tool to enhance human interactions and foster strong company cultures.

To assist organisations in adapting to this evolving work environment, LinkedIn is introducing new generative AI tools in Recruiter and Learning Hub. These tools include “Recruiter 2024,” an AI-assisted recruiting experience that simplifies hiring processes, enabling talent leaders to focus on strategic, people-oriented tasks.

Additionally, LinkedIn Learning offers AI-powered coaching in leadership and management, providing personalized advice based on individual situations and experiences. LinkedIn Learning has also made popular AI courses available for free until December 15, 2023, catering to those looking to enhance their AI knowledge.

Jude James, vice president of Talent Acquisition at UST, emphasises the importance of generative AI in talent acquisition, stating that it goes beyond sourcing and recruiting talent. Generative AI enables organisations to analyse, predict, and optimise every aspect of the hiring life cycle, allowing for unique and meaningful interactions with candidates.

These advancements follow LinkedIn’s previous introductions of AI-assisted messages and AI-assisted job descriptions in May 2023, which utilise generative AI to personalise InMail messages, boost candidate engagement, and expedite the process of finding qualified candidates for companies.


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