LG Electronics’ has strengthened its global leadership in display technologies with ground-breaking improvements introduced into its line of commercial display and digital signage products. Featuring updates including those based on its industry leading OLED technology, LG Electronics’ commercial display and digital signage solutions were designed to elevate visual experiences and captivate the attention of consumers from retail, corporate and government sectors.

“LG Electronics’ wide range of screen sizes from 10” to 98”, coupled with high quality image resolution and industry firsts – including the world’s first OLED digital signage as well as a super-sized 58:9 Ultra Stretch signage ratio – allow Malaysian businesses to leverage commercial displays to suit their specific needs,” said David Oh, Managing Director of LG Electronics Malaysia. “LG Electronics has experienced significant growth in the commercial display and digital signage segment with recent major customer wins in the quick-service restaurants and fashion industries.”

In a new report by Global Market Insights, Inc., the global digital signage market size is forecast to be worth USD 23.02 billion by 2023. Specifically, the Asia Pacific digital signage market share is forecast to grow at 6.5% CAGR from 2016 to 2023 with developments in the government and educational sector along with enhanced user experience, infrastructure development, and decreasing display panel prices highlighted as growth drivers.


Over the years, the use of commercial displays and digital signage has become prevalent throughout many sectors. These include applications in retail environments, universities, as well as for disseminating public information on traffic updates and at airports. The advances LG Electronics has introduced into its commercial signage products – such as its paper-slim OLED screens and super-sized form factors – mean businesses can reimagine how best to impress their customers.

While economic growth in this region has recently slowed amid broader global economic uncertainty, the demand for digital signage in public spaces including transportation networks, public infrastructure and the construction of new commercial buildings will continue to grow. And in an environment shaped by an increasingly digitalised and mobile consumer culture, the digital platform of marketing has overtaken its analog counterparts as the ideal medium to capture and retain the fractured attention of consumers empowered by rising consumerism, rising standards of living, increase in disposable incomes, and changing lifestyles.


LG OLED Digital Signage

LG continuously spearheads the commercial display industry by introducing the world’s first OLED digital signage. Innovative commercial OLED concept by LG emits light without any backlight of its own, resulting to superior and accurate colour expression. Additionally, the display does not reflect light, therefore there is no distortion of colors regardless of the angle from which they are viewed. LG’s dual-view, curved and wavy digital signage are super thin, enabling consumers experience screens from the front and the back at the same time. The technology offers unconventional design and smart space utilization making it a futuristic product suited for enhanced commercial experience.

LG Ultra Stretch Signage

LG “Ultra Stretch”, a signage product boasts an unprecedented 58:9 aspect ratio. This panel is 2,148 mm wide and 335 mm high. The LG 86BH5C features immersive 4K Ultra HD resolution and LG’s Picture-by-Picture technology, which allows the user to divide the long, rectangular signage into four seamless screens in landscape or portrait installations. It can be used as a signboard in airports, a welcome board for a company, or as a digital billboard in a store. As this product has a large screen and high resolution, it can clearly and accurately display a great deal of information in one screen.

With advantages like higher viewer recall and retention of digitally displayed messages stacked in its favor, the commercial display and digital signage industry is forecast to witness sturdy gains in the upcoming years.


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