Lenovo has just launched their new line of laptops in Malaysia today on 25 November 2019. These laptops, known as the Lenovo ThinkBook 14 and 15, are designed to fulfill Lenovo’s mission of transforming the workplace by catering the needs of SMEs who are budget conscious while still requiring devices that are mobile, flexible, inclusive, and adaptable.

A study conducted by Lenovo revealed that a large number of SME employers are still behind in offering these solutions. According to the study, up to 73 per cent of SMEs still utilise desktops as their primary device for workers, while fewer than 25 per cent can access cloud-based tools. With millennials and Gen-Z workers slowly taking over the bulk of the workforce, there is a fast growing demand and expectation of companies to offer “go anywhere” PC solutions.

The Lenovo ThinkBook 14 and 15 will serve as an alternative to the companies auspicious ThinkPad line of laptops. The ThinkBook is made to offer the best of both worlds, providing much of the well-received functionality and efficiency of the ThinkPad at an affordable price.

Built for the young working professionals who are always on the go, the ThinkBook enhances the user experience and provides more flexibility, allowing users to seamlessly shift between work and entertainment.

The ThinkBook also comes equipped with 10th generation Intel Core processors that deliver exceptional performance that adjusts to tasks at hand through the use of AI. This combined with the inclusion of fast PCle SSD storage and DDR4 memory allows users to operate the machine under the heaviest of workloads with ease.

“SMEs should aim to provide what employees will need, not only today, but in the years to come,” said Varinderjit Singh, General Manager of Lenovo Malaysia. “Employees want to be more mobile and flexible at work in general, and it is up to SME decision-makers to make informed decisions on which solutions will best meet their needs now and in the future. To respond to the rising demands of employees at SMEs, we have introduced ThinkBook 14 and ThinkBook 15, business-oriented laptops that balance design and performance.”

Lenovo will also have a booth at the SME CEO Forum 2019 at Pullman Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur tomorrow (26 November). If you would like, come and join us to see the latest and greatest of Lenovo’s line-up!

You can register for the SME CEO Forum 2019 here.


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