Kuala Lumpur, MY: Online learning is quickly gaining grounds in Asia and growing at a rate of 17.3% annually for the past 3 years. Malaysia is the 2nd fastest growing e-learning country in Asia as quoted by www.docebo.com. Realizing the significance of online learning in the modern workforce today, we have in our hands now, an online video learning platform that would bring about a wave of positive changes anytime soon.

www.trainingtouch.com is an online video learning platform that provides free and high quality courses taught by instructors that are subject matter experts on various topics.  This learning platform can be accessed easily by learners anywhere and anytime through smartphones or computers. This online learning marketplace allows for Instructors to share their instructional videos to learners in a secured, convenient and organized system.

Anyone can register as a user and start learning immediately and it’s absolutely free for all. All uploaded video content are the intellectual property that belongs to the respective Instructors as they make passive income through this online video learning platform.


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