(left) Albert Mah, Head of Division Professional Printing Product Malaysia, (center) Andrew Koh, President and CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia, (right) Pieter Kraan, Head of Regional Wide Format Printing Division, Canon Singapore.

The most awaited Canon Océ Colorado 1640 with UVGel technology is launched today. Offering an unparalleled breakthrough in digital large format printing, print service providers will gain a competitive edge with greater profit.

The UVGel technology provides significant enhancements to its consumers in terms of cost savings, quality and speed while producing greater media versatility. Upon LED curing, the UVGel dry instantly without requiring an evaporation drying process thus making it suitable for immediate post-processing and lamination.

At 159 m² per hour, the Canon Océ Colorado 1640 is the world fastest 64 inches roll-to-roll printer. Its speed and automation facilitates productivity and convenience during production without sacrificing quality.

“The printer allows for a reduced operational cost with up to 40 percent less ink usage and almost a third less in manpower costs thanks to the automation built in the printer which allows print service provider to be more competitive,” said the Head of Professional Printing Products Division at Canon Marketing Malaysia, Albert Mah.

Canon Océ Colorado 1640 has been engineered to meet the peak production requirements of small to large enterprise, to deliver high quality prints with quicker turnaround times, without compromising on efficiency and reliability.

The President and CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia, Andrew Koh said, “Our Canon UVGel technology is a game changer in large format printing that is redefining the boundaries of commercial printing production”.

“The Canon Océ Colorado 1640, built on our UVGel technology, is testament to Canon’s culture of innovation. We remain committed to providing effective solutions to help customers improve their business productivity and realize new revenue opportunities.”