Kiddocare, a leading provider of caregiving services, and FWD Takaful launch “MindCare: Mental Health Support For Caregiving Communities”. This collaboration aims to promote and empower the caregiving communities which include parents, nurses, babysitters and others to have better mental health and well-being. Through this campaign, we also work with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development that is led by Dato’ Sri Nancy Shukri to emphasise the importance of caregivers’ mental health.

As parents and caregivers often devote their lives to taking care of others, “MindCare: Mental Health Support For Caregiving Communities” recognises the care needs of those who provide care as well.

MindCare is a platform where caregivers can find instant support. It will act as a safe space, where they can find help, guidance, access to experts and free assessment of their mental health using FWD Takaful’s FWD Mind Strength programme, a first-in-market digital health solution.

The campaign seeks to address the challenges and stigma faced by caregivers, including parents, carers, childcare and elderly care providers, including corporate partners, while reaching out to the broader caregiving community.

With a special focus on Kiddocare’s community, which comprises of approximately 70,000 parents and care workers, this campaign promises to be a valuable resource for them and their families.

Key Features of the Campaign:

  1. Conversational Videos – “Care To Talk”: Hosted by the esteemed Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim, this series of videos features discussions with parents, mental health experts, and caregivers. These conversations aim to share experiences, insights, and strategies for managing stress and mental well-being. It also intends to show others that they are not alone and it is okay to talk about it. 
  2. Expert Insights: An engaging 1-minute short video on debunking myths and expert advice & insights on mental health. These videos contain expert perspectives, aim to address common concerns and misconceptions surrounding mental health. It will be promoted on the dedicated microsite, “MindCare,” as well as across Kiddocare and FWD Takaful’s social media platforms.
  3. Mind Strength Assessment: Caregivers including parents, are encouraged to participate in the Mind Strength Assessment, a simple and scientifically-validated assessment available under FWD Takaful’s FWD Mind Strength programme. This assessment will lead to 5 complimentary virtual mind guidance sessions with mental health professionals.
  4. MindCare Microsite: The “MindCare Hub” is a dedicated microsite where parents and care workers can access mental health resources, assessments and expert insights. This hub will serve as a comprehensive and readily available resource for parents and care workers seeking guidance and support.
  5. On-ground Activations: There are 6 fun & engaging MindCare activities during the launch that are curated to cultivate an interactive and supportive environment. With a diverse range of stress-relieving techniques, it aims to promote mental well-being by reducing stress, enhancing emotional resilience, promoting mindfulness, uplifting moods, fostering self-love, and offering participants a personalised path to overall mental well-being.

Nadira Yusoff, Founder and CEO of Kiddocare commented “This initiative is a significant step forward in our mission to support caregiving communities and break the stigma surrounding mental health.

“It is important to realise that mindful and optimal caregiving begins with having a mind that is cared for or nurtured. We believe that by providing instant and accessible support and resources, not only do caregivers enhance their caregiving skills, but also prioritise their own mental and emotional well-being.

“Together with FWD Takaful, we are committed to creating a community where parents and caregivers are supported and celebrated for the crucial role they play in our society.”

In a unique and thoughtful approach, FWD Takaful will provide 200 parents with complimentary Kiddocare service vouchers. This will allow them to enjoy a two-hour babysitting session while participating in FWD Takaful’s FWD Mind Strength programme’s sessions where they will be able to restore their mental wellness.

This support ensures parents can focus on their well-being and personal growth while their children are cared for by experienced Kiddocare providers.

“At FWD Takaful, we are committed to changing the way people feel about takaful. We recognise that mental health is gaining positive traction in Malaysia and we are proud to be at the forefront with our first-in-market and complimentary digital health solution, the FWD Mind Strength programme.

“Through this partnership, we can extend this solution to caregivers and empower them to prioritise their mental health. Mental strength is a vital aspect of caregiving, and we are proud to partner with Kiddocare to make a positive impact in this space,” said Wan Ahmad Najib bin Wan Ahmad Lotfi, Chief Distribution Officer of FWD Takaful.

The “MindCare: Mental Health Support For Caregiving Communities” campaign represents a significant step toward prioritising parents and caregivers’ mental health.

By offering these tools, knowledge and support, this collaboration between Kiddocare and FWD Takaful aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of parents and other caregiver communities as well as the loved ones they care for.

For more information about the “MindCare: Mental Health Support For Caregiving Communities”, please visit  


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