Kashmi, Singapore’s first and only social payment app, has announced it is launching “Group Play” in advance of the European Championship matches.

The Kashmi app, which was launched in January 2016, has already reached over $1.5 million SGD in user transactions and is set to revolutionise the way cashless payments to friends are made in Singapore.

The new ‘Group Pay’ function, which will go live on 25th June to coincide with the last qualifying rounds of the European Football Games, is the first of its kind in Singapore and will allow friends to collect payments from multiple peers in just one click.

Developed to ease the stress of recouping money from social expenditures, particularly around sporting events like the Euro cup, Group Pay can help in all group spending situations – from buying drinks at the bar to booking a venue to watch the game, or even, for those lucky enough to go, paying for travel to watch the games live in France.  Kashmi is also a favourite with local sports managers who use the app’s functions to collect subs and match fees.

To set up the Group Pay function, all Kashmi users need to do is set up a ‘group’ on their mobile app, enter the amount due and click. Everyone in the group then receives a notification that they owe money. Each group member then accepts the request, and the funds are instantaneously transferred.

To maximise this brand new function, Kashmi has also developed ‘Reminders’ which will alleviate the awkwardness of reminding friends to pay, by setting up automatic notifications to be sent on a set time and date.

Kashmi, which is the first cashless payment app in Singapore to feature a social facility, is also the only app in the city that allows users to top up their virtual wallets and pay friends using a credit/debit card (via Mastercard or VISA). The social payment app will be announcing further ‘industry first’ payment functions and social features over the coming months.

Developed and launched by entrepreneurs Rakhil Fernando and Rajinda Jayasinghe, Kashmi has already picked up a nomination for ‘Asia’s Most Innovative P2P Start UP’  (SMART Awards, Cards and Payments International 2016), and CEO Rakhil Fernando has been invited to attend The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016, hosted by Barack Obama at Stanford University in June.


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