From L-R): Mr. Chan Chiou Hao, COO of JustLogin; Mr. KC Kwa, CEO of JustLogin; and Mr. Czarif Chai Abdullah, Senior Director of Business Advisory & Support Division, SME Corporation Malaysia at the JustLogin official launch in Malaysia

JustLogin, a software and cloud-based HR company from Singapore, is offering Malaysian SMEs a six-month free trial of its HR application in an effort to expand its market reach in this country.

The firm which launched its operations in 1999 and just celebrated its 22nd anniversary, is offering the introductory deal to all SMEs registered with SME Corp, said CEO KC Kwa.

With its extensive experience in the business, Just Login continues to strive to understand the administrative pains of any business. Ranging from managing staff leave to the dissemination of payrolls and claims, JustLogin has just the right solution for all businesses, including start-ups and SMEs.

Speaking at the launch of JustLogin in Kuala Lumpur, Kwa noted the company prides itself in its mobile-first and employee-first approach, that is tailored to meet the needs of today’s millennials and Gen Zs.

The launch was witnessed by Czarif Chai Abdullah, senior director of business advisory & support division, SME Corporation Malaysia.

The HR system embraces sustainability by being totally paperless and is an effective solution to streamline business processes. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment for SMEs, he added.

Asked about the company’s rationale for expanding into Malaysia, Kwa said this country is a much bigger market that has SMEs four or five times the size of that in Singapore. Furthermore, the company feels that it has already matured in its country of origin having been in the business for the past 22 years.

“JustLogin’s solutions are aimed at saving time, manpower and money while increasing productivity, efficiency and accuracy. It is crucial especially during unprecedented times like these where the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced hybrid or remote working.

“With our solutions, businesses can now focus on productivity and their people rather than getting tangled up in tiresome paperwork. Even better, all these tedious tasks can be done anywhere, anytime on a mobile device,” said Chan Chiou Hao, Chief Operating Officer of JustLogin.

The JustLogin application integrates people, payroll, leave, attendance and expense management. It is a mobile app that features SafeClock that helps businesses navigate through the challenges of managing today’s workforce, especially post-Covid.

For example, the payroll management automatically generates EA forms and is always up-to-date with the contribution rates and other policy changes made by the Malaysian government.

“In the long run, JustLogin also strives to promote sustainability and create a platform for a greener eco-friendly work environment with less paper used. This app also allows for more contactless interaction between employees and HR management, which is safer in current times,” said Chan.

JustLogin allows users to access and download pay slips on the go, apply for leave anytime anywhere, deal with expense claims effortlessly and clock-in and out of work via its face recognition technology.

Its snap, scan and send functions also make submitting expenses hassle-free and seamless. Instead of being bogged down with tedious forms and manual data entry for both HR and staff, JustLogin steps in to automate and streamline the administrative process powered by AI and microservices technology.

“Before the pandemic we couldn’t do a lot of things, all presentations had to be done physically and therefore were time consuming but now, all meetings and training are done online, giving the company the impetus to grow its business in Malaysia,” Kwa added.

Czarif Chai meanwhile commended JustLogin for their effort to expand into Malaysia which has 1.1 million registered SMEs as of 2020, noting that 80 percent of them are in the micro category.

SMEs should make use of the available technologies to be competitive, he said adding that decision makers in SMEs should spend time growing their businesses and not doing menial operational tasks which can be automated.

“SME Corporation Malaysia always welcomes smart technological solutions like JustLogin as digitalisation is the way forward, especially in this technological era. We hope that more businesses and SMEs will adopt new solutions like this in order to keep up with the changes in current times,” he said.

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