Tested and proven to deactivate 99.9% of viruses


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 31 August 2020 – Jestac, a leading interior specialist company, has launched Lonprotect, Singapore’s first antiviral vinyl wallpaper and flooring. Lonprotect uses an advanced antiviral technology from Japan that is able to reduce the effectiveness of contagious viruses by 99.9% within an hour. The technology has been tested on the avian coronavirus and the avian influenza virus (H5N3), which hail from the same coronavirus family as the flu and COVID-19 viruses.

With COVID-19 continuing to be a serious concern around the world, individuals and businesses are looking for long-term solutions that ensure safety in their environments. Unlike disinfectants, the antiviral technology in Lonprotect products remains effective around the clock and in the long run.

“In times of a pandemic, everyone looks for a safer option for their everyday needs. Lonprotect uses an advanced technology that is tested and proven to safeguard against viruses. We are glad to be the first to introduce this functional and low-maintenance wallpaper and flooring solution for anyone looking for the additional layer of protection within their spaces,” says Keith Cheong, Business Development Manager of Jestac.

How it works

When viruses come into contact with a Lonprotect surface, the active agents in the vinyl chloride resin layer destroy the living envelope of the virus. As the virus cannot survive without its envelope, it cannot replicate and is considered inactivated.

In addition to having antiviral properties and requiring little to no maintenance, Lonprotect products also inhibit the growth of infection-causing bacteria such as E.Coli. The vinyl wallpaper prevents the growth of mould and keeps the walls clean and safe. Tested by scientists from Tottori University in Japan, the antiviral effect of the wallpaper and flooring is proven to be effective in the long-run.

“Lonprotect antiviral wallpaper and flooring is suitable for places that require people to stay for a longer period of time, such as waiting rooms in clinics and foreign worker dormitories. It is also suited for places with an increased traffic of vulnerable populations such as childcare, elderly homes, hospitals and tuition centres. Lonprotect products aid in ensuring a safe environment without the need for constant human effort,” added Keith.

Lonprotect products are available in over 200 flooring designs and six readymade designs for wallpapers. Wallpapers can also be customised with designs that can be printed in a repeated pattern. More details can be found at www.lonprotect.com.

About Jestac

Established since 1992, Jestac is a leading home and building interior specialist with BCA contractor accreditation. The company is trusted for its expertise in design and building solutions, backed by an experienced installation team.

Over the past 28 years, Jestac has completed works for a wide range of partners including government agencies, commercial property developers, architects and facility managers. They are also a 3M Authorized Distributor.

Jestac is a bizSafe Level 3 certified company and has achieved the SY06 Level 3 grading in  BCA’s Supplier for “Finishing & Building Products” category. It is also a proud member of the International Window Film Association (IWFA) and Singapore Glass Association (SGA). For more information, go to www.jestac.com.sg.