Jaya Grocer, known for its wide selection of good quality fresh produce and groceries, launches its very first membership program, leveraging the Grab platform.

The membership, which is accessible right on the Grab app, aims to enhance consumers’ overall shopping experience by allowing them to conveniently earn and redeem GrabRewards points at all Jaya Grocer outlets nationwide.

Elaborating on the new membership program, Adelene Foo, CEO of Jaya Grocer and Managing Director of Grab Malaysia, says, “Our aim was to leverage Grab’s technology to create a seamless and rewarding experience. By integrating with an established loyalty program like GrabRewards, consumers not only gain additional opportunities to earn GrabRewards points, but in turn, an additional avenue to use their GrabRewards points.

“Moreover, with rising concerns surrounding the cost of living, this initiative is part of our commitment to connect Malaysians to affordable and accessible convenience. Moving forward, we hope to further enhance our Jaya Grocer membership by exploring even more possibilities to add value to the lives of Malaysians.”

The new Jaya Grocer membership powered by Grab is the company’s first membership program that aims to reward consumers with loyalty points on every purchase they make at Jaya Grocer outlets nationwide. These will then be accumulated as GrabRewards points and conveniently housed within the Grab app.

  • What is the Jaya Grocer Membership?
    Jaya Grocer Membership is powered by Grab, offering the same loyalty programme in enabling you to earn GrabRewards Points when you shop at Jaya Grocer in-store or via GrabMart.
  • How can I apply for the Jaya Grocer membership?
    The new Jaya Grocer membership is a free membership that is automatically activated when a purchase is made either in-store or on the Grab app.
  • What other benefits will I receive with the Jaya Grocer membership?
    Jaya Grocer is committed to enhancing the shopping experience for consumers through future membership perks and benefits. Other perks we might be looking into include birthday treats, exclusive event invites, members’ day sales, and much more!

“This membership truly highlights the possibilities that can be unlocked when we leverage technology to create synergy between different industries – delivering accessible and affordable convenience to Malaysians. We’re excited to provide a rewarding experience for consumers, and we hope to further enhance this by exploring even more possibilities to add value to the lives of Malaysians,” said Foo.


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