Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) has announced a significant expansion of its Global Business Services (GBS) Iskandar @ Medini initiative through two key Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with GBS Malaysia and iTrain Asia, alongside a collaboration with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

These partnerships aim to bolster the GBS ecosystem in Medini, Iskandar Puteri, reinforcing IIB’s commitment to establishing Medini as the region’s first net-zero carbon Central Business District (CBD) by 2030, with a strategic focus on digitalization, innovation, and GBS.

Aligned with this commitment, IIB is targeting an investment of RM1 billion by 2030 in Medini, which is expected to generate at least 2,500 jobs in the digital economy sector, solidifying Medini’s position as Johor’s premier digital and innovation hub.

Dato’ Idzham Mohd Hashim, president and CEO of IIB, emphasised, “The GBS Iskandar program has attracted RM2.6 billion in investments and created 6,500 jobs in Medini since its inception in 2016. As we enter the next phase of the GBS Iskandar initiative, IIB reaffirms our commitment to fostering growth and innovation within Malaysia’s GBS sector.”

He highlighted Medini’s strategic location as a transportation hub with seamless connectivity by land, air, and sea, situated between two international airports and three major seaports, making it an ideal destination for GBS companies to thrive.

The collaborative efforts between IIB and GBS Malaysia will elevate Medini as a premier regional hub for GBS operations, leveraging Medini’s unique value propositions such as strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and supportive ecosystem. This strategic partnership signifies a shared commitment to positioning Malaysia at the forefront of the global digital economy.

Furthermore, the collaboration between IIB and iTrain Asia aims to enhance upskilling and reskilling initiatives tailored to empower companies in ascending the value chain through AI, automation, and sustainability initiatives.

This initiative will equip the GBS workforce with essential knowledge required for success in the digital economy, fostering continuous learning and innovation.

Looking ahead, IIB anticipates a forthcoming partnership with MDEC in Q3 2024, aimed at attracting new companies seeking strategic expansion within a well-supported environment.

MDEC CEO Mahadhir Aziz, said, “Our partnership with IIB underscores MDEC’s commitment to driving digital transformation, fostering talent development, and boosting economic growth in the GBS sector, positioning Johor as a key destination for global investments.”

Anthony Raja Devadoss, chairman of GBS Malaysia, emphasised the significance of the strategic partnership with IIB in growing Malaysia’s GBS industry, leveraging strategic advantages and fostering a dynamic ecosystem for growth and innovation.

Dato’ Eric Ku, executive director of iTrain Asia, noted Medini’s ideal environment for talent development within the GBS sector, citing its conducive setting for innovation and learning.

According to Idzham, IIB’s commitment, together with its esteemed partners and stakeholders, aims to advance strategic objectives for Medini and contribute to the vision of the Johor – Singapore Special Economic Zone (JS-SEZ).

This united effort seeks to elevate Medini as the preferred gateway into Southeast Asia, benefiting Johor and the nation as a whole in the transformative journey towards a digital future.


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