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The march of technology defines business processes across the ages. The development of double-entry bookkeeping in Renaissance Italy enabled businesses to keep accurate records. The invention of the lightbulb changed the way we work and sleep, while making candles something only the rich would burn. And, of course, the computer revolutionised the modern office.

If businesses do not keep up with technology, they will be left by the wayside. Imagine a business operating without a computer in 2019. For one, nobody will want to work for them. Routine tasks, such as mail or accounting, would take so long to do that the business will be left behind from day 1. In fact, the modern employee is required to have basic computing skills—so important are computers nowadays to businesses.

But what about the next generation of technology? For all its promises of productivity gains and efficiency streamlining, businesses are notoriously slow to adopt technology. Lack of knowledge, as well as a conservative mindset mean that businesses are reluctant to invest in emerging technologies despite their huge potential.

However, it has been proven time and again that technology does indeed give businesses big advantages, especially over less nimble competitors. A small business equipped with the latest technology can even punch above its weight, outmanoeuvring bigger and less wieldy corporations. Technology enables the democratisation of the marketplace, allowing SMEs to compete with the big boys in their class.

Nevertheless, the journey towards technological change is not an easy one. Going it alone entails a massive investment in time and money. Furthermore, without a technology partner, a business may spend more than it should chasing after bad information or using solutions that do not suit their needs.

In conjunction with the hype that is Industry 4.0 and the ongoing digital transformation, many SMEs, especially in the manufacturing sector, are still unsure about what exactly Industry 4.0 is, and how they are going to start adopting this trend into their business operations.

Therefore, finding a suitable technology partner like Dynamic X Consulting will make the change to next generation technology less onerous. Dynamic X Consulting provides technology consulting services for SMEs to deliver the most effective solutions for business operations. In addition, valuable information about digital transformation can be obtained through technology partnerships with specialist consulting firms.

Dynamic X Consulting is committed to helping customers drive transformation and deliver business outcomes. By driving innovation and providing a platform for strategic insights within the business, solutions can range from enterprise resource planning (ERP) to human capital management, data analytics and industry-specific solutions.

Powered by Sage, solutions by Dynamic X Consulting can range from simple solutions for SMEs starting out, to complex systems overhaul for corporate transformation programmes. Such solutions include Sage X3, MESPRO, and DIMO Maint for overall digital technology solutions, as well as Sage 300 People and AIworks Solutions specialising in HR and upskilling programmes.

Importantly, such solutions are affordable and involve the latest technology—suitable for SMEs which may have a limited budget for digital transformation. As mentioned, SMEs need to change to continue to stay relevant and stay competitive. It need not be expensive, but the will to change needs to be there.

Call +603-2713 1731, visit www.dynamic-x.net, or e-mail marketing@dynamic-x.net to find out more about Dynamic X Consulting’s solutions.


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