NSFOCUS, an award-winning global provider of intelligent hybrid security solutions, today announced that Malaysian web hosting provider, IP ServerOne, has selected NSFOCUS Threat Intelligence (TI) and NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (ADS) to deliver dynamic inbound and outbound distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation for their customers.

NSFOCUS TI data feeds provides wide-ranging visibility into the global threat landscape; particularly cyberattacks from North Asia and China, where as much as 40% of the world’s hacking activity orginates. The TI data feeds integrate directly into the NSFOCUS’ ADS, delivering a differentiated best-of-security combination that helps to elevate the proactive capabilities of detecting and protecting IPServerOne customers – and Malaysia as a whole.

“Malaysia is on the cusp of transforming into a truly digital economy. Uninterrupted access to the Internet and other digital services is critical, especially to Malaysian enterprises and organisations that are delivering online and electronic commerce services. For e-government, online, and e-commerce organisations, a coordinated DDoS disruption can be catastrophic and severely impact the national economy,” said Attley Ng, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, at NSFOCUS.

As Malaysia’s digital adoption rates grow unabated, aided by increased connectivity and mobility solutions, analysts and market watchers have noted a significant increase in the number and frequency of DDoS attacks targeting Malaysian organisations. With 55% of these attacks targeting online services and gaming companies, and another 25% targeting the software and technology industry, these attacks can be debilitating and extremely disruptive to the economic growth of Malaysia.

“Cyber threats and threat actors are no longer limited by border boundaries and legislation. We find that Malaysian enterprises are increasingly targeted, and as more organisations embrace the digital business, it is imperative that they are protected.  As a critical service provider, we must be able to protect our customers’ valuable data assets and livelihood,” explained Lee Cheung Loong, CEO and Founder of IP ServerOne. “With NSFOCUS, we’re confident in our ability to ensure the security and stability of our customers’ business without network disruptions.”

According to statistics provided by MyCERT (Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team), over 2.7 million botnet drones and malware infection attacks were recorded last year. More than 9,000 cyber security incidents were also reported by Malaysian enterprises last year. This includes DDoS attacks, malicious code, fraud, and cyber harassment; all of which have caused significant disruption to Malaysian businesses.

“As an online gaming publisher, users’ experience is of the utmost importance. We simply cannot afford to have a network disruption across our websites or game servers,” said Chua Wee Yee, Executive Director of CiB Net Station Sdn Bhd, a customer of IP ServerOne. “Having experienced the crippling power of a DDoS attack, we are delighted that IP ServerOne has taken the necessary steps to ensure our protection and stability.” CiB Net Station Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, a leading online game publisher in South East Asia.

The NSFOCUS ADS is a custom-built technology that inspects network traffic, detects DDoS attacks, and intelligently mitigates them without affecting legitimate traffic. With the ability to consume real-time threat intelligence from NSFOCUS, it provides an added layer of protection beyond DDoS mitigation. As a result, the ADS automatically provides 24×7 business continuity and maintains the highest level of service availability.



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