Square Roots is a vertically integrated furniture supplier that was founded in Long An, Vietnam in 2007. 

The company has grown in turnover every year since its founding with the exception of one year, from approximately US$370,000 in its inaugural year to over US$10 million in 2020. 

Square Roots started off simply making dining tables, and has since extended skills and designs over time. 

The company now makes all indoor items of furniture for the home including sofas, beds, cabinets, dining chairs and home office. 


Square Roots designs, manufactures and brands its furniture, with IP ownership belonging to its Singaporean holding company Silva Pte ltd. 

In addition to this, Square Roots has established mono-brand Square Roots franchise stores in Korea, providing range selection, signage, merchandising and interior design services to the master franchise holder. 


The company has opened up markets in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Oceania and Asia. 

It is particularly strong in Asia. 

Due to the artisanal nature of the products, the company teams up with medium scale premium retailers who it offers geographic exclusivity to. This helps build up long term partnerships and prevents price competition within any given market. 

Unique Selling Points 

Firstly, Square Roots designs distinctive, innovative (rather than “me too”) products.

As market leaders, the company also utilizes unique production techniques – particularly in the colouring and the coating of our woods and metals. This production IP helps us to fight off the frequent copying of our designs that it encounters in its largest market – China. 

Supply Chain Management 

Whether it be the timbers that sourced from Burgundy (France), the linens from Antwerp (Belgium) or the leathers from Veneto (Italy), Square Roots pays great attention to raw materials and researching the technical and aesthetic qualities in great details. Just like its customers, the company forges long term relationships with suppliers and frequently travels to visit them. 

Within Vietnam, the comapny works with subcontractors for cast iron fabricated steel and brass hardware. Square Roots has an equally tight relationship with these suppliers, often providing them with technical support. 

Company Culture And Employee Development 

Within the fast moving, dynamic furniture sector of Vietnam, recruiting experienced skilled production workers and technicians, particularly in the HQ location of Long An is a challenge.

The company counters this with extensive training both for skill development and leadership training. The majority of mid management started out as production workers within the company ten years ago. The company has full union membership and pays both the employers and the employees union contributions. 

The team is very much at the core of the belief system. 

Social Outreach 

Square Roots has been supporting the VinaCapital Heartbeat Vietnam foundation since 2014. 

This year, it is beginning its own foundation initiative, supporting a primary and secondary school to upgrade their desks and chairs. The company will also launch a scholarship program for grade 10, 11, and 12 students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to continue their academic studies. 

In Summary 

Square Roots has managed to grow stably because it has taken a long-term approach to every facet of its business. Passion in design and product quality is only rivalled by respect paid to all of the stakeholders – community, staff, suppliers, customers and the environment.


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