Infinitium Group of Companies (Infinitium), a leading Malaysian e-payments and security solutions provider in the region, has announced its joint strategic partnership with PT. Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (Artajasa), Indonesia’s leading payment system service provider. Infinitium has been awarded as technology provider to implement the authentication solution for the B-Secure with Dynamic One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication, a domestic authentication system to support its e-commerce payment platform for issuing banks and merchants. B-Secure is designed to be compatible with the network specifications of Artajasa’s principal shared ATM network, ATM Bersama, hence allowing its member banks to take part in e-commerce transactions. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Sofwan Kurnia, Deputy Director of the Payment System Licensing and Consumer Protection, representing the Bank of Indonesia.

Indonesia’s growing market for e-commerce has been the driving force for its national agenda to expand online debit card payment services to meet the increasing societal and merchant demand for such services. As authentication forms a crucial component in transaction security, the authentication system for B-Secure is expected to boost market adoption of e-commerce when it launches in the market early next year. Given ATM Bersama’s network footprint of 87 institutions and more than 100 million cardholders, the market impact of B-Secure system paves the way for greater security and convenience for all stakeholders within the e-commerce payment ecosystem, from merchants to issuing banks to cardholders.

“This partnership agreement commemorates the pooling of resources and expertise from Artajasa and Infinitium to integrate technology and operations management between issuing banks and merchants, and sets in motion what we believe will be a market changer in the space of e-commerce for Indonesia. Infinitium brings to the table trustable experience in electronic payments and expertise in debit user management, and this will speed up expansion of the e-commerce ecosystem by equipping the relevant stakeholders to be eligible for e-commerce transactions – from the banks to merchants and cardholders,” said Ho Ching Wee, Chief Executive Officer of Infinitium Group of Companies.

Pak Nawawi, Director of Artajasa said, “As a pioneer in payment system since 2000 and shared ATM network principal, known as ATM Bersama since 1990, Artajasa continually strive to create innovative integrated solutions that can provide benefits and services to institutions and customers for the creation of national efficiency. One example is the e-commerce services that we have developed at this time. We are very grateful to be partnering with Infinitium today to support us in implementing e-commerce through a dynamic One-Time Password (OTP) authentication, as our concern for the security of transactions to enhance customer trust and provide comfort in transacting e-commerce.”


Facilitating E-Commerce Boom through B-Secure Domestic Authentication Technology

With the penetration of digital and mobile technology, increasing e-commerce activity in the Indonesian market and subsequent growth of online payment systems, Indonesia is gearing towards a promising market for e-commerce payments; but not without presenting its own challenges, mainly in payment security and convenience.

Legitimate concerns such as information security and merchant fraud has driven the need for an e-payment platform with domestic authentication system to combat these risks and create trust to engage in services and online debit card transactions among the key domains. B-Secure’s dynamic OTP authentication provides assurance to cardholders as the payer to carry out card-not-present transactions, while enjoying online purchases without leaving the comfort of home.

Online purchase transactions, from authentication, authorization and approval, will be conducted real-time in a single and secured process, facilitated between merchants and issuing banks under the ATM Bersama network. With B-Secure Dynamic OTP authentication, cardholders of member banks under the ATM Bersama network are empowered to control authentication of purchases using their mobile devices, thus enabling them to make online purchases with confidence and security in mind.

On the other hand, banks and merchants are equipped with the necessary back-end technology to facilitate these transactions with ample security measures against fraud threats. Besides being connected to new markets, merchants connected with this system can offer a more secure and convenient payment method for customers, while issuing banks that enable e-commerce channels can provide e-commerce privileges to cardholders – all this to drive adoption of e-commerce payment and transactions.


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