I have had a keen interest in Entrepreneurship and small businesses since I first Started to surf on the internet and eventually made my Msc dissertation on the Problems of starting and growing SMEs.

For any budding entrepreneur it\’s easy to get lost in the fantasy created around an idea which he/she is sure will work and be the next big thing. Followed by a lifestyle of a Movie star surrounded by beautiful girls and even more beautiful cars.

But the reality is much different. Starting out a business requires one skill which is hardly ever taught in classrooms. No matter how many strategies you learn, no matter how many business plans you make and no matter how many case studies you look at. The real world is nothing like what you get to see in the classroom.

My point? The importance of people skills. You do not have to be a Student to Learn these. Any entrepreneur or even a businessman in his late 40s or 50s can start to learn these skills and change his business.

Many people learn this with experience. They learn how to negotiate, when to talk to a person in a specific way and get a particular reaction, how to influence a person by the way you talk, you smile, your tone of voice and your dress.

The over all goals of learning these skills is to get things done! You can never be a successful businessman if you cannot get things done, and this is even important for an a budding entrepreneur.

 There are various such classes, courses and books for learning these skills. Sales people are often trained excellently on how to make a sale by acting and saying a particular thing to influence a potential client.

Team leaders and supervisors in many companies are trained to influence people and complete a particular Task.

When you combine these skills with the knowledge of a business school, a young entrepreneur can become very successful and even though you would still need experience you would start off way ahead of others.

Businessmen who are experienced in their 40s, 50s or 60s but are having trouble with managing people and interacting with them, should learn these skills. You should learn when to Compromise and when not to compromise and this will help you across many things including your personal life

I would not go in great details on these topics, but you can meet counsellors and trainers in your country and city and check online to get some more idea.

Meeting the right counsellor, who can improve your voice, accent, tone, dressing, expressions, who can improve your speaking skills and fluency in a particular language and trainers who can boost your confidence, will all eventually help in influencing people and getting things done!


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