prAP41630816-F-1In today’s fast-paced digital world that is increasingly driven by innovations and technology advances, many enterprises are leaning on the Digital Transformation (DX) platform as a way to ensure timely services delivery, while also minimizing the complexity and costs involved. The ever growing demand of innovation applications on the latest devices is putting IT decision makers under great pressure to deliver IT solutions that meet expectations of businesses and customers.

At this stage, IT security and protection then play a very critical role in the information technology equation. According to the Worldwide 2016 IT Security Predictions – Asia Pacific excluding Japan, the security services market in 2017 will increase by at least 30% due to the scarcity and high price of available data scientists, leading sub Fortune 100 companies to seek alternatives. However, IT leaders are not fully conversant with the correct strategy by which cyber security investments should be made. It is then important to note that cyber-warfare and cybersecurity investments are more akin to military spending and not a business ROI that can truly be expected.

This year’s ASEAN IT Security Conference highlights the essential guidance for C-level executives in the development of an IT security strategy that ensures a more secure overall IT environment for their organization.

“This conference has provided deeper insights into how attackers operate, the routes they use and what IT leaders could do in their organization to minimize the impact of these attacks. IDC has some clear ideas on what makes the IT leaders “more” or “less” secure,” says Simon Piff, Associate Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure & Head of IT Security Research, IDC Asia/Pacific.

The ASEAN IT Security Conference 2016 brought together regional IT leaders and prominent cybersecurity experts across verticals in Malaysia. The holistic insights offered at this event is oriented towards helping IT leaders plan their strategy in advance to deliver a secure business environment and more accurately identify key issues, challenges and requirements that are critical in minimizing future risks. It will also make a stop in Bangkok and Jakarta on July 27th and September 15th.


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