Johor Corporation (JCorp) has launched the Ibrahim International Business District (IIBD) brand, introducing the Spirit of Enterprise brand promise, and the 4 HOME lenses, namely Heritage, Opportunity, Mobility and Eco-sustainability, goals that will define and drive development and investment strategies within IIBD. The launch event was graced by His Royal Highness Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, Sultan and Sovereign Ruler of the State and Territory of Johor Darul Ta’zim, accompanied by Her Royal Highness Raja Zarith Sofiah Binti Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah, Permaisuri of Johor.

The Spirit of Enterprise encapsulates the State Government’s aspirations for IIBD to serve as a catalyst of growth, attracting talent and investment, and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. “The Spirit of Enterprise is the economic development proposition of IIBD, with trade and investments concentrated in an enabling environment which is well-connected with strong networking and partnering opportunities. It connotes a concentration of progress and possibilities, to steer a better future for all to live and do business in,” said YAB Dato’ Mohamed Khaled bin Nordin, Menteri Besar of Johor and Chairman of JCorp, at the event.

“A careful analysis of the proposition of Spirit of Enterprise introduces the 4 goals of Heritage, Opportunity, Mobility and Eco-sustainability, or HOME lenses, that will drive development and investment strategies within IIBD. The HOME lenses will be represented in tangible form via the four Cornerstones of IIBD. These cornerstones will serve as focal identity points to physically demarcate the boundaries of IIBD, while conveying a powerful reputation for its brand pillars,” said YB Dato’ Kamaruzzaman bin Abu Kassim, President and Chief Executive of JCorp, in his opening speech.

The HOME lenses underscores key attributes by which IIBD will be viewed, to further solidify the IIBD business case. The Heritage lens allows a balance of continuity with change, where the authenticity of IIBD’s heritage, traditions and culture is celebrated and built upon amidst its evolution into a world-class business district. The Opportunity lens reflects IIBD as a place for equal opportunities for all businesses and people, where strategic corporate entities will be leveraged to capture high multiplier effects and spur a vibrant economy. IIBD will drive ideas and nurture talents that paves the way for global opportunities.

IIBD will also offer world-class infrastructure, future-forward technology and seamless connectivity, in line with the Mobility lens. This moves IIBD towards a globally connected future where people, information and trade move freely, easily and effectively within and beyond borders. The Eco-sustainability lens aims to elevate the liveability of IIBD citizens and businesses for a sustainable future in IIIBD, also to commemorate the call to be eco-committed. In that, all four Cornerstones will go beyond being a visual landmark, integrating the local environment to produce a collective anchor-point for the residents and investors of IIBD.

JCorp will be setting up an IIBD entity which will operate as master developer, implementer and marketer of IIBD to further accelerate local and foreign investment capital, social capital and human capital. The entity will be focused on shaping and implementing pro-business and investment policies and plans, and market IIBD as the choice location for investors seeking an attractive, emerging opportunity. JCorp is also currently in the midst of structuring and benchmarking financial and tax incentives with the state and federal governments, to be offered by IIBD in a bid to become a catalyst for economic growth and entrepreneurial opportunities for its residents and investors.

JCorp also officially commissioned award-winning sculptor Nizam Abdullah, who hails from Johor, to create four artistic sculptures as the key cornerstones for IIBD. The launch event, which took place in PERSADA Johor International Convention Centre, was followed by a lunch reception with the theme of experiential dining. The brand pillars of HOME were interpreted through artisanal creations customised based on signature Johorean dishes and desserts, as well as a holistic engagement of senses in taste, sound and visual experiences throughout the course.


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