Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) has kick-started a series of SME programmes, in collaboration with the SME Association of Malaysia (SME Association), SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp Malaysia), and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), to drive digital transformation among SMEs and create a sustainable ecosystem for SME growth.

Realising the important role SMEs play in the Malaysian economy — SMEs make up over 98 per cent of business establishments in Malaysia, contributing more than 38 per cent to the country’s overall gross domestic product (GDP) — as well as the urgency for these enterprises to go digital in order for them to continue to thrive in the future, the programmes leverage on Huawei’s deep knowledge and expertise in digital infrastructure such as connectivity, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

MDEC’s Digital Adoption Ecosystem Director, Muhundhan Kamarapullai said, “The pandemic has been nothing short of life-altering and this has quickly elevated business digitalisation, especially remote working to a credible long-term option. MDEC supports such collaborations and extends assistance to SMEs by providing access to digitalisation programmes, incentives and digital technology solutions.”  Through the programmes, SMEs are able to enjoy facilitation for innovative solutions, funding, as well as advisory and capacity building services.

With Huawei as its technology enabler, the eServices Hub, a platform which will be fully integrated with SME Association’s website will facilitate sharing of practical technology with SMEs in Malaysia; have a joint development of need-based digital solutions with technology-based SMEs (or Tech SMEs) to create new business as well as job opportunities, and; a flexible Go-To-Market to accelerate business growth for Tech SMEs.

SME Corporation Malaysia CEO, Rizal Nainy said, “The only way for SMEs including  micro enterprises to grow and sustain for the future is to adapt to the fast-changing global business landscape through digital transformation. For SMEs to succeed, it is imperative for them to re-engineer their businesses by aligning and integrating their business strategies, processes and infrastructure to support digital transformation.” Through the eServices Hub, Tech SMEs will be able to sell with and through Huawei.

Huawei and SME Corporation Malaysia also launched an SME-AI portal as part of its on-going “SME Adopt and Innovate (SME-AI)” digital programme. The programme aims to drive Malaysia’s SMEs further into digitalisation by leveraging Huawei’s expertise, particularly in the areas of Cloud and AI, for more sustainable growth – supporting SME Corporation Malaysia’s agenda to facilitate the faster rollout of ICT adoption among local businesses.

“I am confident that many new opportunities would be available for small businesses, especially for those who are embarking on online or digital businesses. It is most essential to understand how buyer behaviour is changing in order to determine the best way to connect with customers, and this is where digital businesses have the most advantage,” added Rizal.

Among the benefits local businesses stand to gain from the SME-AI programme are access to technology, digital advisory, finance assistance, workspace, market expansion, mentoring as well as self-training tools for SME players to sharpen their digital skills. Huawei also plays a role as MDEC’s partner in the SME Transformation Journey where both parties work hand in hand to provide structured guidance on how to start or advance their digital transformation journeys.

Huawei Malaysia’s Vice President of Cloud and AI, Lim Chee Siong said that Huawei realises the crucial role SMEs play in the business ecosystem and the overall economy. “Therefore, we are committed to do everything we can to drive digital growth among SMEs and support the Malaysian government’s vision to digitally transform this sector,” he said. “With our partners, I am certain we will be able to create a conducive space for SMEs to grow, build a healthy ecosystem where they can thrive, and with a fully digitalised sector, firmly position Malaysia as the Heart of Digital ASEAN,” he added.



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