HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) has introduced the most extensive collection of AI-enabled PCs in the industry. This innovative move leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to elevate productivity, foster creativity, and enhance user experiences in the evolving landscape of hybrid work settings.

Amid the challenges of digital fatigue and disconnection in the ever-changing hybrid work environment, HP addresses the need for a redefined relationship with work. According to HP’s 2023 Work Relationship Index, only 27% of knowledge workers maintain a healthy work relationship, and 83% believe it’s time to redefine their connections with work.

Recognising the potential of AI to open new opportunities for improved work experiences, HP aims to provide the right AI tools and technology to empower individuals and businesses.

“At HP, our mission is to empower companies to harness the power of AI, catalyzing ambitious progress in every organization,” said Koh Kong Meng, vice president and head of the personal systems category, HP Inc. greater Asia.

“We take pride in introducing the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of AI PCs, creating personalised and meaningful work experiences. By making AI a personal tool, we aim to revolutionise how individuals interact with technology and each other in the workplace.”

The focal point of HP’s AI PCs is to enable users to concentrate on meaningful work. The latest generation of AI HP Elite and Pro PCs, along with Z by HP mobile workstations, is designed to cater to leaders, knowledge workers, and creators, providing high-performance computing solutions for demanding workflows.

The AI capabilities in the new HP Elite and Pro PC solutions are powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 and 7 processors or next-generation AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors, incorporating dedicated Neural Processing Units (NPUs) for personalized AI performance.

HP Smart Sense is designed to adapt to users’ PC usage behavior automatically, ensuring an optimal balance between performance and power. Additional features like Poly Studio audio, Dynamic Voice Leveling, AI Noise Reduction, and automatic framing enhance on-camera interaction and collaboration.

HP now boasts the industry’s broadest portfolio of Intel® and AMD-based AI PCs, showcasing a commitment to innovation and performance. The lineup includes various models such as HP Elite 1000 Series G11 Notebook PCs, HP EliteBook 800 and 805 Series G11 Notebook PCs, HP EliteBook 600 and 605 Series G11 Notebook PCs, and HP ProBook 400 and 405 Series G11 Notebook PCs.

In addition to PCs, HP’s Z by HP mobile workstations offer high-performance computing solutions for demanding workflows.

The newest generation of AI HP ZBook mobile workstations includes the HP ZBook Power G11, HP ZBook Fury G11, HP ZBook Studio G11, and HP ZBook Firefly G11, each tailored to meet specific user needs and preferences.

As part of HP’s commitment to security, the new business PCs feature the world’s first protection against quantum computer hacks. Equipped with HP’s upgraded Endpoint Security Controller (ESC) chip, these PCs ensure the manageability and protection of sensitive data by isolating it from the processor and operating system.

To accelerate data science capabilities, HP introduces the HP AI Creation Center, providing customised data science solutions. The AI Creation Center combines advanced workstations with solutions like Z by HP AI Studio, offering a comprehensive workstation solution for AI development.

HP is also transforming meeting spaces with Poly Studio solutions, providing a diverse portfolio of certified conferencing room solutions and headsets. The Poly Studio E360 Center-of-Table Camera, Poly Studio E60 Camera, and Poly Studio V52 Premium Video Bar offer advanced features to enhance virtual collaboration and ensure a meaningful connection for all participants.

The announcement extends beyond PCs, with HP introducing new monitors and peripherals to enhance user experience and productivity. The HP Series 7 Pro Monitors, featuring an integrated AI privacy webcam, lead the premium commercial monitor lineup, providing life-like virtual collaboration for creators and modern leaders.

Additionally, HP introduces ergonomic wireless keyboards, dual-mode keyboards, mice, programmable wireless keypads, USB-C travel hubs, and other accessories to cater to diverse user needs and preferences.

The pricing and availability details for the new HP products are set to be announced upon product launch. The HP Elite x360 1040 G11 and HP EliteBook 1040 G11 Notebook PCs are expected to be available in April 2024, with various other models and accessories rolling out in the coming months.

HP’s strategic focus on AI-driven innovation reaffirms its commitment to shaping the future of work and technology.


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