HP Singapore launches ‘SMB Tech Makeover Challenge’ and innovation to support digital transformation journey for SMBs

HP Singapore has launched its first HP SMB Tech Makeover Challenge together with new SMB innovations in Singapore at its “Rethink Your IT. Rethink Your Business.” Event. Targeted at SMB owners, the challenge begins 1 June and ends 30 September this year, with the winning SMB receiving an IT transformation kit worth up to SGD 20,000.

Together with new SMB PC, print and services innovations and initiatives from HP Inc., the HP SMB Tech Makeover Challenge aims to help aspiring SMBs take the leap out of their current mindset on technology adoption, and transform their infrastructure for higher productivity, better security and greater savings.

“SMBs are the lifeblood of our economy and contribute to almost half of Singapore’s GDP,” said Ronnie Lee, Managing Director, HP Singapore. “As they look to accelerate business growth and look to attract a multigenerational, mobile workforce, they need to rethink their business to have a competitive edge in a fast-changing environment. HP is uniquely positioned to partner with SMBs to support their transformation journey with PC and print innovation and services to help future-proof their organization.”

HP Singapore conducted a SMB survey in 2018 which garnered 1728 responses from SMB employers and employees at six heartland business area roadshows. The survey highlighted top concerns from SMBs on their digital transformation journey. 36 percent of respondents each requiring enhanced security and higher productivity at work and 28 percent of respondents prioritizing cost savings. According to the IDC Future of Work study, five generations will work side-by-side by 2020. This changing workforce demographic is pushing SMBs to rethink the way they work.

The Tech Makeover Challenge will educate SMBs on how the right IT investments, together with industry knowledge and expertise, can maximize workforce productivity, improve security and enhance savings for business. HP is looking for SMBs who require technical tailored expertise when creating a workplace of the future, have fewer than 500 employees.