Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (“Hitachi Sunway”) announced that its data centre arm, Hitachi Sunway Data Centre Services has reported a significant 30% reduction in energy costs for its customer, Sunway Shared Services Sdn Bhd.

This achievement, attained since August 2015 was attributed to successful implementation of the ISO 50001 framework for Energy Management (EnMS) at its Pinnacle Sunway data centre facility which has been operational since February 2015. Hitachi Sunway is the first and only data centre player in Malaysia awarded the ISO 50001 EnMS – an internationally-recognised framework for integrating energy performance into management practices to improve quality and environmental impact.

Billy Lee, CEO of Hitachi Sunway Data Centre Services said, “Using energy efficiently helps organisations and our customers save money in addition to helping conserve resources. Our latest cost savings of 30% is testament of our differentiation in the market.”

Kevin Khoo, IT director of Sunway Shared Services said, “We are impressed by the amount of savings achieved by the Hitachi Sunway Data Centre Services team as typically, a 10% to15% reduction is more commonly achieved across data centre players.”

Cheah Kok Hoong, Group CEO / director of Hitachi Sunway Information Systems said, “Data centres have become a crucial business infrastructure. However, it is a known fact that energy takes up an average of 40% of a data centre’s operational costs as a result of extremely high power and cooling requirements. Hence, this energy cost savings for Hitachi Sunway translates directly to better margins from our data centre business.”

He added that with the market’s definitive move to embrace cloud computing, advanced usage of business intelligence with the Big Data trend, growing broadband consumption for consumer applications and digital collaborations, comes the high cost to run and maintain all these services.

“More and more enterprises and SMEs are outsourcing their critical business applications to data centre partners. Therefore, it is the onus of these data centres to ensure the continual expertise and necessary certifications when it comes to building, designing and maintaining the data centre facilities,” he said.

“To this end, Hitachi Sunway Data Centre Services offers a true end-to-end infrastructure services from the fundamental layers of data centre hardware and network connectivity all the way up to business applications and dedicated private cloud solutions. With data centres as part of a one-stop solution, we can provide clients with more efficient support including better response times, ease of management and continuity,” he concluded.

Hitachi Sunway currently has a total of three data centres with two other Tier III compliant data centres at Cyberjaya and Kuala Lumpur which are certified ISO27001 and ISO20000 respectively. The Pinnacle Sunway data centre also boasts the highest building efficiency optimized for MSC-status companies’ operations and is certified with the Green Building Index to complement its data centre services.


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