Business Circle (, a digital platform for business-minded Malaysians, held its second monthly Entrepreneur’s Series at The Apartment, The Curve on 15th December 2012 attended by 30 artistically-inclined and business-savvy guests. It resulted in a lively debate and networking session for budding and established entrepreneurs, with guests eager to share views and experiences on making money from the Arts.

On the panel at Saturday’s “The Arts For Love & A Living – Making Money From The Arts” event were Bilqis Hijjas (President of MyDance Alliance and director of dance at Rimbun Dahan), Iqbal Ameer (Co-founder and Business Development Director of Livescape Asia) and Scarlette Lee (Art Director of Core Design Gallery and renown art consultant). Panellists spoke frankly about the arts and entertainment industry in Malaysia, engaging in debate with guests about what Malaysia needs to do to develop its arts and entertainment scene, providing little-known tips for making money from the arts, and sharing personal lessons learnt along their different journeys.

The warm reception from panellists and guests sees Business Circle’s Entrepreneur’s Series going strong as a proponent of the varied and sometimes unknown business opportunities in Malaysia. From its roots as a panel discussion on startups and e-commerce to its focus on the arts and entertainment in Malaysia, Business Circle’s Entrepreneur’s Series aims to challenge perceptions about business in Malaysia and provide Malaysians with opportunities to learn tricks of the trade from industry leaders.

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