IIa Technologies, a Singapore-based firm, has found a way to grow diamonds on a commercially-viable scale after eight years of thorough research.

This development heralds new opportunities for high-tech industries, scientific institutions and laboratories. Industrial diamonds currently have a variety of applications — they are used in the electronics and semiconductor packaging sectors, precision cutting and aerospace industries.

Diamonds are the hardest known natural material and are used to cut and polish any other material, which also include other diamonds.

IIa Technologies belives these diamonds will be used more extensively — for instance, in the quantum computing field, where diamonds may be used to store data.

Managing Director at IIa Technologies Vishal Mehta said, “This is something that has had a lot of research done. This will create a new technology that will be able to store data in a very small amount of space.”

The firm started growing diamonds in Singapore since the beginning of 2012. Its plant is one of the biggest environmentally sustainable diamond growing facilities in the world.


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