At the Heart of Genesis-Global’s Maharani Collection is ‘THE ANANDA RUBIES’, A Stunning and Rare 60.45 Carats Burmese Red Ruby Set Fit for a Queen.

Genesis-Global, a Singapore-based fine jewellery purveyor with exclusive private VIP showrooms in Singapore and Hong Kong, launches the exquisite Maharani Collection at the Varnamaya Wedding Fair 2013, which hosts the Indian high society. The wedding fair will be held at the Grand Ballroom of the Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel Singapore, on Friday, 27 September 2013.  

Inspired by the splendour of the Maharaja era, the ‘Maharani’ means ‘Queen’ in Sanskrit. The collection features a sparkling array of vibrantly coloured precious gem stones including rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. Each jewellery piece was designed with the exquisitely adorned Indian bride in mind.

In accordance with centuries-old Indian traditions, gems have great astrological and religious significance, bringing good luck and abundance to the wearer. Singaporean founder of Genesis-Global, Kelvin Tan shares passionately: ” The Maharani Collection pays tribute to the rich, colourful and beautiful Indian culture. Through many generations, Indians have a deep appreciation of fine craftsmanship and a gemstone’s beautiful shades.  I am very pleased and excited to present the Ananda Rubies, an exquisite Burmese red ruby set, which brings to life the breathtaking beauty of a woman engulfed in bliss. I have specially chosen the name ‘Ananda’ as a blessing of endless happiness to the lady whose good fortune will lead her to adorn these beautiful rubies on the happiest day of her life.”

Indeed, at the heart of the Maharani Collection is the Ananda Rubies, a stunning set of Burmese rubies weighing a grand total of 60.45 carats and worth S$800,000. It features rare gem-quality rubies set into a necklace and a pair of earrings, all with white diamonds in 18K White Gold.  In the historical Indo-Aryan language of Sanskrit, a ruby is known as ‘ratnaraj’ meaning ‘king of precious stones’.  Fine rubies are more valuable than top-quality colourless diamonds – the world’s most expensive ruby ring, “The Hope Ruby” hails from Burma, singularly weighing 32.04 carats with a hefty price tag of approximately $6.7 million. Famous for its clean and exceptional colouring, Burmese rubies are the priciest gems per carat in the world – top quality ones come in vibrant, deep and intense hues of red, that some liken to ‘pigeon’s blood’.

The Ananda Rubies necklace is finely crafted with 78 natural transparent purplish red rubies specially imported from Burma and 379 natural diamonds – each precious gem aptly set to the optimal refractive index of light. Offsetting the necklace befittingly, the Ananda Rubies earrings are naturally splendid – constructed meticulously with 24 natural Burmese rubies and 104 natural diamonds. This classic and timeless jewellery set that is destined for a woman blessed with unending waves of happiness and bliss, is literally an intricate work of art – perfect as an ornate statement piece for the elegant bride.


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