The Trade Ministry has frozen and revoked dozens of goods identification numbers owned by importers that sell products that do not comply with National Indonesian Standards (SNI).

The Trade Ministry’s director general for standards and consumer protection, Widodo, said Wednesday that this had affected a number of products, including water pumps, fans, wheat flour and lamps.

“The relevant imported products now being delivered to Indonesia will be re-exported or destroyed upon reaching seaports,” he told reporters in a press briefing. Compliance with SNI is important as it ensures consumer protection in terms of health, safety and environmental sustainability.

The government said recently that it plans to require mandatory compliance to SNI standards for dozens more manufactured goods next year as part of its effort to enhance the quality of domestic products circulating in the market.

The Trade Ministry said that the requirement would affect around 60 types of goods, both made locally and imported. These would include food products, such as milk powder, instant noodles and biscuits, as well as detergents, plastic packaging, household ceramics and gas stoves. (***)–The Jakarta Post


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