L-R: HK Song, CEO of CBSA Online, Sajith Sivanandan, Country Head for Google Malaysia and Alfian Abu Talib, CEO of TM InfoMedia at the launch of the Google Premier SME Partnership Program

Google Malaysia has announced the launch of a new initiative to reach small to medium sized enterprises and help them grow their businesses with digital advertising. Called Premier SME Partnership Program, the program is designed to bring digital marketing to more Malaysian SMEs by fostering a network of partners dedicated to providing specialised services that help SMEs grow.

Malaysia has over 18 million Internet users, and more than 60% of Malaysians search online before purchasing a good or engaging a service. The opportunities for SMEs who go digital are significant, but out of the roughly 700,000 SMEs in the country, only slightly more than 100,000 are online and active, and only a small fraction of those advertise on the web. Many SMEs want to do more online, but feel they lack the time, resources, or expertise to get started.

The Premier SME Partnership Program addresses that need by connecting such businesses with experienced AdWords providers.

Google Malaysia announced today that three premier partners had already joined the program. These partners can provide SMEs with the expert help they need to reach new customers online, by creating, managing and optimizing their online advertising campaigns.

These partners include Yellow Pages by TM Info-Media Sdn Bhd, PanPages by CBSA Online and Activa Media.

Google Premier SME Partner program is a global initiative of Google and is operational in 37 countries worldwide. To find out more about the program – please log onto http://www.google.com/ads/premiersmbpartner/partners.html


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