Kuala Lumpur, 7 June 2017: Just in time for the Ramadan and Raya season, Google has made it easier than ever for Malaysians to shop for products online, by launching Google Shopping Ads. The ads show in Search results alongside standard text ads and include product images and other useful product information generated by automated feeds managed by retailers.

Malaysians love to shop, and during the Ramadan and Raya season shopping in the country tends to peak. Signs of the seasonal excitement on Search are clear based on previous years — Raya-related searches begin to really accelerate as early as eight weeks before the occasion. But it’s not just about Raya goodies, as searches for fashion trends, decoration trends, and those related to food and beverage also surge.



“Online shopping is fast becoming a trusted and preferred way of shopping for Malaysians. 30% of Malaysians are now already making purchases online, and 51% of offline sales are being influenced by research done online,” said Su Ann Lim, Industry Manager of Ecommerce and Travel, Google Malaysia. “The immersive visual experience as well as real-time prices and availability will help Malaysians shop better and faster, and help merchants increase their online marketing return on investment.”

Key benefits of Google Shopping Ads for shoppers:
Google Shopping Ads help shoppers find the products they’re searching for and quickly connect with the merchants who sell those products. Shoppers will see them alongside Google Search results on google.com.my, whether they’re searching for “car seats”, “tupperware”, “kebarung” or “raya hamper”. Whatever shoppers are looking for, Shopping Ads help them find exactly the one thing they’re looking for — and easily connect with a retailer who sells it.


Key benefits of Google Shopping Ads for retailers:
Retailers can use Google Shopping Ads to promote the products they sell, boost traffic to their website or local store, and find better qualified leads by putting product images, prices, and their business name in front of people searching on Google. Like search ads, advertisers only pay when people click through to a website.
Peter Lee, Vice President of Marketing at 11street Malaysia, said: “11street has been beta testing Shopping Ads with Google since the start of this year, and we have found that it drives efficient traffic to our sellers’ products as the consumers love images when they shop. Since we started using Google Shopping Ads, our seller stores’ conversion rate has increased two-folds while our cost-per-acquisition has also improved by 85%.”

“11street’s partnership with Google Malaysia will provide better visibility to shoppers from our vault of over 10 million products across 35,000 sellers,” concluded Lee.

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Zeffri Yusof



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