Goobat’s ‘Bitcoin Mission’ to reward winner with one Bitcoin worth up to RM200,000

Kuala Lumpur, 1 October 2021 – Pharmatech firm Goobat Sdn Bhd has made headlines for being the first Malaysian online pharmacy to accept crypto currency since early this year. In a further bid to grow public awareness, it launched the ‘Bitcoin Mission’ campaign on its Goobat.Care online store.

“There will only be one winner for this campaign that is aimed at driving traffic to Goobat.Care whilst boosting awareness about our Crypto acceptance availability,” said Asher Looi, Co-Founder of Goobat about the Bitcoin Mission that kicked off on September 9, 2021.

All one needs to do to be in the running to win the Bitcoin that is worth up to RM200,000 is to buy a voucher on Goobat.Care, write a winning Malaysia Day slogan on Goobat’s Facebook page and tag five friends. The winner is set to be revealed on October 31, 2021.

Crypto transactions were enabled in January 2021 following growing demands from consumers who were calling for the acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Asher Looi the Co-Founder of Goobat

“We stand firm in our belief that cryptocurrencies are the future of finance. We have observed how it has gained global acceptance and confidence, albeit it being a gradual process. Nevertheless, many central banks have taken an affirmative cause to it and as part of the retail industry, it is important for us to educate the public that Bitcoin transactions are safe,” he reiterates.

The Goobat.Care online store currently houses over 5,000 products of local and imported brands – a 40% growth from when it first launched. The platform that targets the savvy younger generation, has approximately 5,000 registered users to date, with an average of 200 active daily users.

“With the boom in ecommerce, consumers are unsure of the authenticity of the products sold in the general marketplace. By shopping at Goobat.Care, consumers are assured that they are buying authentic products because we uphold our core values of Authenticity, Availability and Affordability.

“Also, in line with our core values, we have recently launched the ‘Chat With a Pharmacist’ feature where customers or Goobat members can connect with our pharmacists, online, to help them make the best health related decisions. We have a total of five pharmacists in different specialisations to cater to all our customers’ needs,” Looi adds.

A customer only needs to click on the ‘Chat with a Pharmacist’ button on the Goobat.Care website and it will direct the user to a page to fill up their details and enquiries based on health conditions. Submit the information and a pharmacist will reach out to the user in under 20 minutes. All Goobat.Care pharmacists are able to communicate in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.

Looi perceives that the feature will be well received by the public and will do well to aid in allaying any doubt that customers may have in purchasing any products.

“I believe including this feature helps in strengthening and maintaining our market position. Since we started our operations, Goobat.Care has seen encouraging advancement.  It has kept a steady 30% average growth in monthly sales and orders since our fourth month of business,” he adds.

Goobat.Care consistently strives to offer reliability and convenience to users who can be assured that their purchases receive the team’s utmost attention before they are delivered. This especially at a time when not many people favour going outdoors.

Founded in August 2019 under parent company Health Estate Sdn Bhd, Goobat Sdn Bhd – the operator for Goobat.Care – was launched on December 11, 2019. Together with its partner Hello Health Group – a leading healthcare knowledge and services ecosystem in emerging Asia – Goobat.Care aims to expand its business to neighbouring countries within the Southeast Asian region, namely Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and India.